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40K: NAY! The Marines Who Will Never Cross the Rubicon Primaris

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Jun 24 2019

Not every marine character is going to make it across the Rubicon Primaris. Here’s the ones we thing will take one look and pass…

Ultramarines: Sergeant Telion

Telion is such a poignant figure. Old, greyed, wizened, with nothing left to life for except to see the young recruits make their way into the ranks of the Ultramarines safely. Of course, that’s the not the way Primaris Marines are made any more. I think if there is a single marine who represents the “old ways” it’s Telion. Like a good old soldier, I think he will see the last class of classic scouts make it into the ranks of the chapter, head out on one last hi-risk mission and fade into legend.

Blood Angels: Astorath

Maybe the Redeemer of the Lost will stride into the new world of Primaris. Or perhaps with little official signs of The Flaw amongst the new brethren, Astorath will decide that his ultimate duty, loyalty, and fate is to minister to his classic marine brothers until the very end of days.

Flesh Tearers: Gabriel Seth

Seth is one small step from becoming the next Kharn, and is already feeling betrayed and pushed aside by the Primaris program rolled out by Guilliman. Leading the most flawed of the Blood Angels Successor chapters that is already fading away – it would seem that Seth would rather go down swinging, with his classic marine men at his side before he would move into the new era.

Space Wolves: Lukas the Trickster

Now I think Lukas will TELL EVERYONE he’s gonna do the Primaris deed.  But I think he’s a man very happy with himself just the way he is.  Heck I think he just get some lifts, calls in some favors with the Iron and Wolf Priests, and maybe even gets a new mini. But I’d love to see Lukas be the only classic marine in the Imperium who pulls off pretending to be a Primaris, with a wink and a nod and a lot of ale.

Space Wolves: Bjorn the Fell Handed

Ok, first off I’m really uncertain how it would even work. I guess the Iron Priests could just open up Bjorn’s gas-cap, pour some of Cawl’s “Primaris juice” in there, and shake the Sarcophagus a lot?  I’m thinking Bjorn is more likely to just say “I’m headed for 500 year nap, and I’ll see how this whole Primaris-thing works out when I get up.”

Dark Angels: Cypher

We’re talking Loyalists here, so I had to rule out all those “other” Dark Angels characters. Let’s keep it short and sweet. After 9,000 years of blazing a trail of utter badassery across the Imperium, there is no way, no how, Lord Cypher is going to change a thing about his biology. And, good luck to anyone who tried to force him.

~Who’d we miss? Who do YOU think would say no, and stay classic marine?


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