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40K: The Coolest Elite Kits In The Game

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Jun 11 2019


There are tons of Elite Slot options in the Grimdark – but these look the coolest! Check out our list if the Coolest Elite Kits in 40k!

When it comes to the Elite Slot, there are many ways to approach it as not all Elites are created equal. Some are there for utility or toughness.  Some are there for pure damage output or as a big threat. And there are others who just look plain cool – and sometimes you get ones that combine all of that into one package. Today, we’re looking at the Elites slot from the point of view of the “cool-factor” and nothing else. These might not be the best options but at least they look cool on the tabletop!

Triarch Stalker

The Triarch Stalker is a sweet looking, spider-like robot for the Necrons. It’s got some utility and it’s durable but for us, that’s not why we like it. This vehicle just stands-out compared to the rest of the Elite options of the Necrons. These models are eye-catching and seeing them on the tabletop draws people’s attention. Bring on the March of the Triarch Stalkers!


That’s right the Haurspex! This is one model that we think just doesn’t get enough love on the tabletop. And yes, it IS an Elite option – one of the few “Big Bugs” that isn’t a Heavy Support. While this bug gets out-shined by its combo-kit counterpart (the Exocrine) we still think this model is just plain cool. The crazy Ravenous Maw and Grasping Tongue are so alien and freaky-looking that it’s another one of those attention-getting kits. There might be better options out there for the Elite Slots in a Tyranid Army, but nothing looks this wild and crazy!


Nothing says “Astra Militarum” like Ogryns with big ol’ Grenadier Gauntlets and massive shields. And Tank Tracks – we can’t forget those. Seriously, there isn’t a problem the Astra Militarum can’t solve by bringing the “Beef” and letting them smash up against the problem. That just seems like a very Imperial tactic. These models are cool and when you really start to overthink them, they do represent the Astra Militarum from head to toe.



Here’s another Xenos unit we’d love to see more of on the tabletop. We’d actually like to see more than one sculpt for this unit, but for now, we’ll deal with this one option. Grotesques are often ignored in favor of other options like the Wracks – but we think these guys have a great look. They are bigger and have lots of weird looking details that make them visually interesting. Really, these guys are just juiced-up versions of Wracks with a focus on Close-combat and we’d love to see more of them on the tabletop.

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit

The Ghostkeel is just 80’s Rad. It’s got a lot more going on visually than some of the older T’au Battlesuits and that’s probably thanks to GW’s newer digital sculpting tools. In the Elite Slot, it’s got some competition for sure, but there are few things more T’au than big battlesuits that fly around the battlefield and blow stuff up! We think the Ghostkeel is the epitome of T’au Battlesuit design and it’s just plain cool.


Are there more cool elites out there? Absolutely! Let us know which ones you think are “just plain cool” in the comments.


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