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40K: The Heavy Slot – Feast Or Famine

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Jun 13 2019

It ain’t easy being a Heavy in 40k. Here’s our list of Heavy’s that have seen the top and the bottom of the power curve.

The Heavy Slot in many player’s army lists can change drastically from edition to edition. With the dominance of Lords of War like Knights marching around, it’s almost like the units that used to be the big fish in a small pond are now big fish in the Ocean – and there are Sharks out there! Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite Heavy Supports from edition’s past and their current state of affairs. Are some on the rise again? Let’s chat!

Land Raider Crusader

There was a time when the Land Raider Crusader was the bee’s knees! When Thunderhammer Terminators ruled the scene and you needed a sure-fire way to deliver your payload. Over time, they’ve certainly fallen off the radar – but every know and then they get little moments in the sun again. Most recently, when the Beta Bolter Rules were in effect, the idea of a transport with mass hurricane bolters and a boat-load of marines wasn’t too far off. But then the final rules came out and squashed that idea cold. It also doesn’t help that Land Raiders are a massive points sink. They might be tough, but it’s unlikely that Land Raiders, much less the Crusader, are going to make a come back this edition.



Here is another blast from the past – the Basilisk has seen a bit of a resurgence lately. It’s (relatively) cheap and it’s indirect fire is handy in this edition. As a kit, it’s been around for a long time and it’s still trucking right along. However, it’s no where near it’s heyday from the 3rd edition era. Some old vets might remember when Chaos could take Basilisks and it seemed like every Iron Warrior’s player brought one to the table. These days, it’s just got a lot of competition in that slot – not to mention Forge World alternatives, too.


The Defiler used to be THE Daemon Engine. When it first hit the scene, it seemed like every chaos player was using one (or 3) in their lists – and why wouldn’t they! It had a battlecannon, crazy close combat attacks, and it could smash it’s way across the battlefield. These days, the Defiler has been passed-up by it’s newer cousins. First it was the Soul Grinder which was basically a Defiler, but with a Daemon torso. Then came the Maulerfiends and Heldrakes (which, sure the Heldrake is a flyer but it’s a still a Daemon Engine). Now we have the Venomcrawler and even the Lord Discordant! All of the Daemon Engines that came after owe the Defiler a debt of gratitude – too bad it’s relegated to collecting dust.



Oh the Eldar Falcon. I’m sure there are some players who still have nightmares about these things – and for good reason! There was a time when they were nigh unkillable! Mech Eldar were a thing and Falcon’s were their mainstay! These days, you don’t see them floating around the tabletop as much as they just don’t pack the same punch they used too. Plus, it’s got competition thanks to other synergies among the Aeldari race.  Then again, I know a lot of folks that would be perfectly happy to never have to deal with a Falcon on the tabletop again.


Look, I LOVE the Carnifex. It’s one of my favorite models to build and paint because the kit is so full of options. But aside from the hobby aspect, the Carnifex used to be one of the meanest bugs in the game! I’m sure lots of vets remember the old ‘Nidzilla days of multiple Carnifex variants marching across the tabletop laying down an obscene amount of firepower. While Dakkafexes can still pump out the shots, they aren’t quite at the level they used to be. Carnifexes have taken a back seat to a lot of the other Big Bugs this edition. But maybe, just maybe, they might get a boost in the next one!


What are some of your favorite Heavy Supports that have experienced both the Feast and the Famine in 40k? Let us know in the comments!


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