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40K: Top 5 ‘Unforgettable’ Models

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Jun 5 2019

Last week it was the most forgettable units in 40K. This week, we’re taking a look at the Top 5 Most Unforgettable Models of Warhammer 40,000!

Warhammer 40K is full of some impressive looking models–their distinctive style and sculpts help shape the battlefields of the 41st and 42nd Millennia. But a few stand out, even among this crowd, as being so distinct that you’d recognize them as belonging to Warhammer 40K even if you’ve only heard of it in passing. These are the models that have breached the public consciousness or have helped in some way define the way people think about 40K models. As always, we’d love to hear your picks in the comments, but for now, let’s dive in.


Let’s start with the poster boys, the Space Marines. Only instead of the humble tactical marine, we’ve gone with the extra heavy armour of the terminators because they are everywhere. Space Hulk, special characters, pick any army mix and terminators stand out. With their baroque-future armor, lavishly decorated, and their legendary resilience, terminators are a pretty big part of 40K.


Genestetalers are probably the most iconic Tyranid. Hands-down more popular than even the faction’s namesake warriors, the Genestealers–thanks in part to games like Space Hulk–are probably the first unit that springs to mind when you think of fighting Tyranids. They’re in the art, they’re in the spinoff games, they’re in the ventilation shafts, ready to prey on you…

Dire Avengers

If you think of Aeldari you probably think of Eldar. And if you think of Eldar, you’re probably thinking pointy helmets and sweeping, plumed crests. The Dire Avengers are one of the biggest reasons for that imagery. They’re striking–but they’re not so striking that they’re a rare, special unit you only see here or there. They’re general enough to be everywhere, but distinctive enough to stand out wherever they appear. Without them the Eldar would probably feel less ostentatious.


Necron Monolith

Now we’re getting into the real interesting territory. The enduring Necron, whose armies lurk in Tombworlds still wakening to consciousness, blend that old school tomb king vibe with T-800 Endoskeletal aesthetics to bring you an army that’s clearly meant to be alien but also familiar. And while the Necron Warriors are everywhere, a Monolith does such a fantastic job of nailing the army’s theme and tone that you could convey to anyone what the Necrons are all about without even having to say a word. All that from a single model.

Leman Russ

We mean the tank, not the Primarch. When it comes to the Astra Militarum there’s nothing more iconic than massive vehicles (often with sword-wielding commaders poking out of the cupolas) grinding down on daemons, aliens, and other baddies throughout the grim darkness of the distant future. And the Leman Russ is the one vehicle that screams “Guard!” the loudest. You take one look at it and you know you’re looking at some random Warhammer BS, even if you’ve never played the game.

Well, those are our picks. What are your choices for top 5 most unforgettable models?

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