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Bits Roundup: Hive City Billboards

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Jun 7 2019

Add character to the the grim darkness of the far future; these Hive City Billboards to bring a touch of life to blasted ruins. Just watch out for graffiti.

Advertising is everywhere you look these days. It used to be that one of the surest ways a sci-fi property could let you know it was dystopic was by populating big rainy dark cities lit up with neon advertisements everywhere, signifying the pervasive reach of marketing and its insidious tendrils that reduce you to a commodity whose attention and engagement is the only worthwhile thing.

Why should this be absent from the megacities from the dark and grim futures out there? That’s what Kromlech aims to change with its new Hive City Billboards that bring that little touch of the familiar to the gothic ruins of a tabletop near you. Check them out.

via Kromlech

Hive City Billboards – $8.57

Contents of this frame may be used to make one Hive City Gothic Billboard structure.

Instruction is fitted to give guidelines and tips on how to assemble the product. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed for 28mm heroic scale.

Check for digital instructions.


Please note, some orders containing HDF structures may be split into a number of parcels.

As you can see from the sample images, there’s a number of different ways you can paint up these billboards. Print up an image and slide it in for some creative look on what life in the city was like before it got blown up, do up some propaganda posters and plaster them everywhere so you can feel like you’re doing your duty. It’s a canvas for whatever you want. Just make sure you don’t accidentally summon something. Painting daemonic glyphs on every surface would surely be a sign of something wicked headed your way, and no one would ever want to mess with that.

Good luck, and happy modeling!

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