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Blood Bowl: Wood Elf Team Unveiled

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Jun 1 2019

The Wood Elves are going to be the shining stars of the spring season–check out the newest team for Blood Bowl!

Straight out of UK Games Expo 2019

Blood Bowl

It’s time to see the latest stars dancing their way to the pitch. Representing the Sylvan Glades and stylish skill itself are the Athelorn Avengers. This team of Blood Bowlers will run, jump, and dance circles around the opposing team while displaying their natural talent. Check out the Athelorn Avengers!

“As teased at Warhammer Fest, the Wood Elves are back with a vengeance! If you’re looking to make impossible passes, breach the most impregnable of cages and score frankly ridiculous touchdowns, this is the team for you!”

“As teased at Warhammer Fest, the Wood Elves are back with a vengeance! For those of you new to the game of fantasy football, the Wood Elves are one of the game’s most rewarding teams, allowing you to weave through the opposition’s line of scrimmage with impunity. This kit is one of the most customisable in Blood Bowl, packed with optional heads and faces that let you personalise your team to your preferences. It combines the classic Wood Elf aesthetic with novel and eye-catching details like their organic armour.”


~Looking GREAT!

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