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Outside the Box – June 7th

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Jun 7 2019

Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box on D-Day + 1. Today we have news from Infinity, Mantic Games, Artel W Miniatures, Raging Heroes, Perry Miniatures and more!

Corvus Belli announced the June releases for Infinity:–> More Infinity News

Artel W Miniatures present new previews: –> More Artel W Miniatures News

New Jailbirds are now available from Raging Heroes: –> More Raging Heroes News

Mantic Games presents new Deadzone miniatures: –> More Mantic Games News

The newest supplement for Ghost Archipelago and new miniatures can now be pre-ordered from North Star Military Figures:
–> More North Star Military Figures

Demented Games released the Rotten and Scarab Mummies for the Scions of the Sands:–> More Demented Games News

This ship will be available soon from Miniature Scenery: –> More Miniature Scenery News

Perry Miniatures published new pictures of the painted 3-ups of their upcoming plastic French Infantry (1807-14) kit: –> More Perry Miniatures News 

The Followers of the Bone for A Song of Ice and Fire are coming soon from Cool Mini or Not:–> More Cool Mini or Not News


Wyrd Miniatures presents new Malifaux previews: –> More Wyrd Miniatures News

New Bolt Action Allied support groups are available from Warlord Games: –> More Warlord Games News

Puppetswar presents new head sets: –> More Puppetswar News

And as always, Rubicon Models published new preview pictures: –> More Rubicon Models News

And this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Hasslefree Miniatures – Artemis 2.0
Rock Manor Games – The Few and Cursed: Board Game
Game Tile Warehouse – Meanders: Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern RPG Digital Maps
Blackwell Design Works – The Dragon Dice Box
Bad Crow Games – Company of Heroes Board Game
Gorilla Board Games – Battlestations: DIRTSIDE
Dan Verssen Games – For What Remains
Nootis Gaming – Drakenheim: Emerging Empires
DrakenStone – Stackable Modular Magnetic Terrain for tabletop RPGs
Schmandrew Art – Banishment Collection Enamel Pins
TerraTop Workshop – TerraTop’s Tabletop Terrain
Aeo – Tabletop Miniatures
B&B Games Studio – The Refuge: Terror from the Deep
Ill Gotten Games – Urzan Liberty Corps
Callum Rowley – The Ice Realms 3D Printable Minis and Scatter Terrain STLs
Silver Lynx Games – Hard West The Board Game
Red Dog Minis – Heavy Firepower Upgrade
Hayland Terrain – 3D Printable 28mm Fantasy Scenery #3
Pick Your Battles Games – Galactic Rebellion SPACE STATION Walls (28-32mm scale) 
Eclipse Dice: Magical Girl Inspired Polydice
Krakon Games – Evil Eye Clan Multi-part Fomorian raider miniatures
Loud Ninja Games – The Ikwen Uprising
Eldritch Foundry – Create your Dream Miniature
LOOTGames – PostApocalyptic Scatter Terrain and Settlement Playsets
Monolith Board Games – Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – Season 2

This is also your last chance to enter the raffle for our Operation Good Cause army – check it out:

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