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Star Wars Legion: Bossk Operative Preview

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Jun 11 2019

The Trandoshan Terror is on the prowl with the new Operative Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Legion. Bossk is back in town!

Rebels get ready to deal with one tough Bounty Hunter because Bossk is coming to a tabletop near you. He’s got all the skills to pay the bills – and bring home his targets dead or alive…mostly dead.

via Fantasy Flight Games

This expansion features an intricately detailed, unpainted Bossk miniature to expand your Star Wars: Legion collection. Unique among Imperial operatives, Bossk can join your army in two poses: you can depict him brandishing his fearsome Relby-v10 Mortar Rifle, or he can enter battle priming a deadly Dioxis Charge. In addition to the miniature, you’ll also find a unit card outlining all of Bossk’s abilities, as well as his three signature command cards that let you unlock his full potential. Finally, three upgrade cards round out this expansion, helping you modify Bossk with advanced training or specialized gear.

Like a Bossk

Bossk has a bevvy of Special rules as you can see. Bounty allows for him to net you some extra Victory Points – provided he takes out his target. Enrage 3 allows him to, well, Enrage! He becomes “-” for his courage and gains Charge. Expert Climber allows him to ignore the dangers of terrain. While Unhindered means he also ignores the terrain’s difficult effects. AND he can Regenerate up to 3 wounds a turn! That’s a pretty serious amount of goodness packed into one model.

Oh and then there are his weapon options which you can see above – he’s no slouch in either ranged or melee combat! Bossk is here to play for keeps – once he’s got you in his sights, he’s going to get his man.

Command Cards

As an operative, Bossk also has access to his own pool of Command Cards. All of which are great to help him accomplish mission.


The 3 Pip “Lying in Wait” adds Sharpshooter 1 to his attacks and nets him 1 aim token. This happens after an enemy unit activates which is convenient since it’s a tad on the slower side.


“Reptilian Rampage” shows why Bossk is one scary Thunderlizard! This allows him to take two attack actions and he can suffer 1 wound to perform a free move.  Forcing yourself to take damage can be useful for getting the wounds nessary to enter that Enrage state as well…



“Merciless Munitions” is great for clearing out troopers. Aside from the initial blast, this attack also adds a new effect in the game: Poision.

Troopers affected by poison tokens are dealt a single unblockable damage at the end of their activation before discarding the token.

Ouch! Bossk isn’t afraid to play dirty if it means completing his mission. This Trandoshan means business!

Bossk Operative Expansion $12.95

Skillfully tracking his prey across the galaxy using his natural Trandoshan hunting instincts, Bossk has earned his reputation as one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. In the employ of the Empire, he’ll go to any lengths to bring down the target that will net him the most money.

In the Bossk Operative Expansion, you’ll find an unpainted, customizable Bossk miniature armed to the teeth along with the unit card and upgrade cards that you need to fully outfit him for battle. Additionally, you’ll find Bossk’s three signature command cards, giving you access to even more weapons and tactics exactly when you need them.

Keep an eye out for Bossk to hit shelves in Q2 of this year!

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