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Star Wars: X-Wing – Resistance Transport Preview

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Jun 18 2019

The Resistance is getting a new Transport for Star Wars: X-Wing – Check out what it can do!

If you’re looking for a unique ship that will fill an important support role in your games of X-Wing, the Resistance’s new Transport might be just the ticket for you!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Many times, ingenious Resistance engineers take matters into their own hands, cobbling together completely new starships from parts borrowed from a variety of sources. The foremost example of their work is the Resistance Transport, a custom-built shuttle designed to ferry troops and important personnel across the stars. Not only can this ship act as both a transport and a gunship, the cockpit can be flown as an independent ship in its own combat operations.

In the expansion pack, players will get access to the new ship miniature, plus 8 ship cards – 4 for Resistance Transport and 4 for the Transport Pod! Plus, 16 upgrade cards heavily featuring important Resistance members. That’s right, it’s two ships in one – so let’s take a look at both.

Resistance Transport Pilots

The basic ship is, well, pretty basic! It’s got 5 hull and 3 shields so at least it’s relatively beefy. It’s not agile and it’s primary attack is 2 dice – so nothing to write home about. However, it’s got some nice support actions – too bad they start as red actions.


Nodin Chavdri allows you to bypass having a stress or two and so you can still coordinate. For a ship that’s looking to fill that support role, that can be invaluable.


Pammich Nerro Goode follows suit with the ability to execute those Red Maneuvers even with 2 or fewer stress.


Finally, we get a look at Cova Nell who can boost their attack or defense if they revealed a red maneuver for the turn. Risk vs Reward – I dig it!


Resistance Transport Pod Pilots

YEP! That little pod on the ship actually comes off and can fly around on it’s own. It’s not exactly a combat monster but it comes with some interesting pilots.

Vi Moradi allows you to ping an enemy ship with Compromising Intel.

Finn, who’s kind of a big deal, allows you to add a blank result when you defend or attack – or for a strain token, you can add 1 focus result instead. That could be potentially powerful – if you’ve got a way to convert it…

Rose Tico is also flying the Pod and she can net some re-rolls thanks to her friends in the same attack arc. That’s an interesting mechanic to be sure!


And finally, we have BB-8 as a pilot for the Transport Pod. Hey – everyone loves a free Boost or Barrel Roll, right!?

Meet The Crew

This ship is also packing a TON of supporting characters. Here they are for all you Resistance players out there!







Whew! That’s a lot of new crew members to sort through and each one of them brings a little something extra to the tabletop.

Resistance Transport Expansion Pack $29.95

The Resistance Transport is a custom-built shuttle used by the Resistance as a troop carrier and gunship. Its modular design means the vessel’s cockpit pod can be flown independently on missions that don’t require heavy weaponry or transport capability.

With theĀ Resistance Transport Expansion Pack, you can put this versatile ship to use in both its forms. In addition to both a Resistance Transport ship miniature and a Resistance Transport Pod ship miniature, you’ll also find several high-ranking Resistance officers ready to join your crew, eight pilots prepped for battle, and four Quick Build cards to help you jump into the fight right away.


It’s a twofer!

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