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Warhammer Day – More Goodies Up For Grabs

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Jun 22 2019

Games Workshop is inviting you to head to your local Warhammer Store next Saturday to pick-up some exclusive offers!

Warhammer Day is looking to be a pretty big celebration for all things Warhammer and GW is hyping the event with a new short video featuring Duncan and a special guest:

Hey, when Guilliman sends a Space Marine to deliver your invitation, you might want to show-up.

The Goods

For the rest of us, GW has a few special items up for grab that day. Aside from launching Apocalypse that day, GW will also have the new Primaris Funko POP!, Sister Superior Amalia Novena (the first of the new Plastic Sisters of Battle) and a fancy set of objective markers!

via Warhammer Community

This set of brushed-brass markers feature the new logo on one side and are numbered 1 through 6 on the reverse. They’ll only be available in stores on Warhammer Day, so make sure you pick up a set to commemorate the moment!

Those look pretty fancy and feature the new Warhammer logo as well as numbers on the reverse. I have been looking for a new set of objective markers…plus these look like they can be used in either 40k or AoS! Hmm…I wonder if GW has considered either making these a recurring option or producing some cheaper plastic versions of these you can paint up yourself.


If you want to get in on the Warhammer Day action, find your local Games Workshop or Warhammer Store and plan a visit for June 29th, 2019! Hey – you can even call ahead to see what events they have planned that day and what you can participate in.


To Funko POP! or not to Funko POP! – that is the question…

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