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40K: Rating Ultramarines Supplement Tech – FTN

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Aug 26 2019


We cover some tech from the Ultramarines Supplement.  The rules are compelling enough to break the ‘build molds’ from the previous Codex.  Games Workshop has made following the Codex Astartes pretty sexy.

Paul and Ricky pull down a two-hander in this episode.


Hey all,

Robute Gilliman is no longer an auto include if you’re fielding the boys in blue.  Its kinda neat that this codex has busted the door wide open.  I’ve been in conversations all week with my playtest buddies about what the ‘best’ things to use are and the jury is still out.

Some folks are telling me that I’m foolish to include the Invictor Warsuit.  Those people are obviously crazy, right?!    Taking two Battalions and Calgar nets you 15 Command Points before you start getting one back a turn. This means you may end up with MORE than enough CP to pull off the spicy tricks every turn of the game.

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Calgar, a Chaplain with a jump pack, Chronos in a Diemos Vindicator Laser Destroyer, Tigurius, 3 Intercessor Squads, 3 Scout Squads, 2 Drop Pods, 3 Invictor Warsuits, 2 Eliminator Squads, a Squad of Inceptors and a squad of Aggressors is right around 2k points.  This is a rough draft of an untested list but once you add in a few Stratagem tricks I think this list may have some legs.


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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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