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D&D Adventure Designer: ‘Next Adventure Nearing Completion’ Teases Big Things To Come

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Sep 20 2019

Hot on the heels of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus comes word of a new adventure, with ‘innovative new features’ nearing completion.

Like rumors of a Death Star that’s still under construction but fully armed and operational, word of a new D&D adventure that brings ‘things you’ve never seen before’ to the tabletop has been spreading throughout the rebel alliance internet, thanks to an interview with one of D&D’s Adventure Designers/Writers, Adam Lee, whose name you’ll recognize from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Tomb of Annihilation among many others. Lee sat down with the folks over at Inverse to talk about what’s next for those Wizards down at the Coast.

According to Lee the story team is hard at work on the next module to follow Descent into Avernus and that it will be “unlike anything that’s come before.” Speaking broadly about the module, Lee hints that the new adventure will introduce new innovations and concepts new to D&D–even to experienced players.

“In this one, this one that’s yet to come, it’s got innovative stuff in it. Innovative ways to start your characters off, innovative gameplay, innovative mechanics. When Descent Into Avernus comes out, I want to see how people like it and play it. I’d love to hear the stories people make about it. But I’m also excited about this next one, because there’s a lot of stuff I’m excited about.”

This little tidbit is particularly exciting because Descent into Avernus introduces some fantastic new mechanics. You can feel the designers stretching their wings a little with systems like the Infernal Warmachines, which introduces new mechanics for vehicular combat in the form of infernal tanks, motorcycles, and buggies that can clash against each other, Mad Max style; or with Diabolical Deals for bargaining with powerful fiends. Even the preponderance of powerful magic weapons feels like a step in a different direction where before items tended to skew towards the lower end of the power tier.

According to Lee, who was careful not to reveal details like plot arcs or NPCs or even mechanics, the next Adventure introduces something just as big to the D&D canon:

“We’re working on the next one right now … That’s something that [D&D Senior Story Designer] Chris Perkins is working on. We’ve done a bunch of brainstorming, we did some initial story stuff, and we’ve been jamming it out and nearing completion. It’s great.”


Wait a second. Jamming it out? That can only mean one thing.

But even if Spelljammer isn’t confirmed (yet), as 5th Edition heads out of its 5th Year, we’ll be excited to see what lies in store for D&D.

Happy Adventuring!

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