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Play as Your Favorite ‘Batman: Animated Series’ Villain in ‘Rogue’s Gallery’

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Sep 2 2019

Hatch your schemes, hire your accomplices and gain infamy all in your attempt to finally kill The Bat.

Batman: The Animated Series – Rogues Gallery or B:TAS-RG from here on out, is a dice rolling press your luck game from IDW wherein you’ll be playing as the villains attempting to defeat Batman.

Image taken from BBG

Each player takes the role of one of the iconic villains from the best incarnation of Batman ever seen.

Do @ me. I’m ready to die on this hill. Sorry, Heath.

On each turn, villains will roll their pool of dice and flip over cards representing those nasty do-gooders. Each hero is defeated by allocating one of your dice to them.

Along the way, each villain will gain upgrades; equipment, accomplices to utilize said equipment and your own personal strength. All of these upgrades are gained by spending scheme tokens, which are gained through beating heroes. And they may be the best token I’ve ever seen.


Upgrading your strength will increase your dice pool but equipment gives you options on how to use those dice more effectively: rerolls, pulling dice back, that kind of thing. However, these equipment cards require accomplices to activate. So there’s a lot of customization options on how to build your character throughout the game.

Each hero defeated adds to your Infamy. Once you’ve hit 10 Infamy, you can face The Bat, which will really put your skills (and dice) to the test. The first person to defeat Batman claims victory and wins the game!

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