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40K Apocalypse: Errata & Army Updates Released

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Oct 25 2019

Games Workshop has published an Errata and Army Updates for Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse. The Apocalypse is upon us!

Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse is the way to play with ALL your toys at once on the tabletop. It’s a faster and more streamlined version of 40k with adjustments to make large scale games more doable. And from the looks of things, Games Workshop is committed to updating and supporting the game as new things are added. Today, GW has released a new Designers Commentary/Errata for the core Apocalypse Rules as well as tweaks and changes to 20 armies.

via Warhammer Community

* The Forge World datasheets for these Factions have also been updated.
** Note that only the Forge World datasheets for the Imperial Knights have been updated.

Apocalypse Datasheets Page

If you don’t play the respective army, you don’t have to check their Update – unless you are just really curious. It’s also hard to tell what exactly changed as GW hasn’t highlighted these Datasheet changes. So the only way to tell would be to reference the old versions (which have been replaced with the new versions).  Most of these changes are additional Datasheets (like the Invictor Tactical Warsuit and Impulsor) for the Space Marine and/or slight tweaks to unit rules or power ratings.

Again, if you are fan of Apocalypse and have been playing, you might want to double check your army list vs these updates as power ratings and rules may have shifted.

Designer’s Commentary and Errata

Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse Update


The Errata was a quick update to who can become a Commander to armies. That’s pretty much it.

The Designer’s Commentary is basically two things: a clarification on Apocalypse Command Assets and a note about the keywords Questor Traitoris changing to Chaos Knights. The Knight change is pretty simple, the Command Assets change is a really long way of saying Faction Specific Command Assets have to be used by their respective Faction. I don’t know who was including Ork sub-faction Command Assets in their Ultramarines Command Asset Deck, but STOP IT. That’s not how that works and you should know better – and now it’s been spelled out.


Alright Folks, go check your respective armies for changes and stop cheesing out your Command Asset Decks!


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