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Age of Sigmar: Ogor Mawtribe Releases Overview

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Oct 30 2019

The Ogor’s finally have a new book and it’s going to bring the BEEF to the tabletop. Come take a tour of the new Ogor Mawtribes Battletome!

Ogor’s have always been an interesting army to me. They are an elite army in the sense that each Ogor is a bucket of wounds and can dish out the punishment. A handful of Ogor’s is able to take on squads that outnumber them many times over. With their new battletome, Ogor’s just might rise to shine on a new day:

The Unification of the Ogors

The first thing you should know about this new battletome is that it’s for all Ogor’s players – Beastclaw Raiders and Old School Ogors alike. The Mawtribes has 6 different tribes that your Ogor’s can hail from and they will provide benefits to match the playstyle you want to go for. We’ve covered those already. What really makes the Ogor’s kick this time around is a pair of new rules that really improves the army overall:

If nothing else in the Ogor’s book changed besides these two rules, I think that the Ogor’s would have already received a massive boost in potential on the tabletop. Ravenous Brutes adds some much needed speed to their units AND provides some cushion against losing models to Battleshock while still making those tests important to the game. You can still attack the Ogor’s Bravery stat and attempt to make them run away, it’s just a lot harder when they are already in combat.

Might Makes Right is another key ability that really improves the Ogors. Now their Ogor units count as 2 models instead of just 1 and the Ogor Monsters count as 10 models. Again, this is HUGE for them. Outnumbering Ogors wasn’t that difficult and for certain scenarios, that could end up being an auto loss. In fact, in the Objective focused Battleplans of AoS, this was one of the Ogor’s biggest weakness. It’s still an uphill climb for Ogors in terms of numbers but at least it’s not quite as steep.


The Ogor’s have always been an army with large, imposing models. Their basic Ogors are big slabs of beef and really put up a fight before – and now, they are gaining a ton of options and rules that only make them better. Stonehorns and Thundertusks are also (still) brutal and they gained access to a ton of new options as well. I don’t know if the Ogor’s are going to be a new top-tier powerhouse army but I sure as heck aren’t going to underestimate them on the tabletop!

The new Battletome has all the “other” things you would expect inside of it as well. Tons of new Lore, a model showcase, painting guides/tips, all the new rules including allegiance abilities, battle traits, command traits, artefacts of power, lores of magic, and mount traits. Oh and don’t forget all the warscrolls and points as well. It’s a LOT. A venerable FEAST of new Ogor goodies to chew on – just the way the Ogor’s would want it.

Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes $40

The new Destruction Battletome Ogor Mawtribes is up for pre-order and will be in stores this weekend! It’s Feasting Time…



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