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AoS: Ogor Mawtribes Sub-Faction Rules Revealed

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Oct 25 2019

The Mawtribes of the Ogors are getting 6 Sub-Factions to choose from! Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders unite!

When the Ogor’s come to town, they come HUNGRY. The Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders are together again and they are forming one massive horde. Their new book introduces 6 Sub-factions so you can spice your meals however you want to so let’s take a look at those rules!

via Warhammer Community

The Gutbuster Mawtribes

Meatfist Mawtribe

“The most numerous of the Mawtribes, comprising massive roving camps of foot-slogging Ogor Gluttons. They’re some of the fiercest and fattest of all the Mawtribes, driven by their leaders to consume their enemies whole.”

The Unstoppable Feast is the Meatfist’s unique Command Ability and it will help your Ogor Glutton units with an extra attack for their Gulping Bite.

Also, note the new wording to prevent sly generals from using this benefit on the same unit more than once per combat phase. The newer books/rules are starting to have that tighter rules language and I appreciate it. Moving on…


Ravenous Brutes we’ve seen already (and I *think* this one was a universal Ogor rule) – but that doesn’t make it any less appealing. Adding 2 to their move or 2 to their Bravery depending on their distance from enemies is pretty darn cool! It also stacks with the Meatfist’s other rule…

Food For Thought is a General ability that applies when your General is “eating” (which means they are within 3″ of any enemy). That will generate an additional command point that round – neat!

Bloodgullet Mawtribe

“For the ogors of the Mortal Realms, eating raw flesh and drinking blood act as prayers to the Gulping God, empowering the gastromantic energy of their dark shamans. None amongst the Mawtribes are more adept at Gutmagic than the Bloodgullet. “

The Bloodgullet Butchers are going to be the more potent spell casters of the Ogors. With Heralds of the Gulping God they get an extra spell and can cast an extra spell in the hero phase. If you want to go caster-heavy, this might be the one for you!


The Splatter-Cleaver is a Relic that has a nasty healing aura! If this weapon causes wounds that are not negated, then every Bloodgullet Ogor unit wholly within 12″ gets to heal D3 wounds. You’re going to want to get the bearer in combat and bring some friends to really take advantage of this Relic.

Underguts Mawtribe

“Bursting forth from deep caves, pale-skinned and stinking of sulphur and gunpowder, the Underguts come searching for tasty surface-dwellers. Preferring their meat in blasted, steaming chunks, they tote heavy cannons like children’s playthings. “

Do you dream of a Gunline Ogor List? Well the Underguts Mawtribe might be the one for you. With their boosts to missile weapons, you can bust out the Leadbelchers and go to town!

Boosted range and an extra shot – what’s not to like?

Beastclaw Raiders Mawtribes

Boulderhead Mawtribe

“The Boulderhead are unmatched beastmasters known for excessive cruelty even by the standards of other ogors. Their cavalry charge into battle in a mass of swinging horns, stamping hooves and slavering jaws. They keep only the toughest and most foul-tempered beasts, pitting them against each other in vicious blood-games until only the strongest remain. “


Do you want to pounce on your enemy with a hero on a Stonehorn or 3? The Boulderhead Mawtribe has your number and that number is 1! Get an extra wound on each Boulderhead Monster and each Boulderhead Hero on a Stonehorn or Thundertusk can ALSO take a mount trait.

And just to ensure your units are fighting at their best, you can also spend a command point to activate the Dig Deep Your Heels! command ability – this will allow you to fight at the top tier on your damage table!

Thunderbellies Mawtribe

“Hailing from the Sky Roads of Chamon, these ogors crave reckless speed over brute force, though there’s no shortage of the latter. Sallying forth in massive tight-knit hunting packs, these ogors strike with the force and speed of the lightning that ravages their homelands. “

Here is a terrifying thought: Mournfang Packs that can Run and Charge in the same turn! Swift Outflank allows you to do just that. You’ll have to stay wholly within 12″ of the edge of the Battlefield, but that is one restrictions you can work within.

The Shatterstone is another relic and it applies the “Deadly” scenery rule to terrain features within 12″ of the Bearer. I’d like to see what other options are available for the Thunderbellies. I can see this one tossing out some random mortal wounds but there are probably going to be better options.

Winterbite Mawtribe


“Embracing the unrelenting fury of the Everwinter, the Winterbite Mawtribe uses the storm to mask their movements. From the shroud of blinding snow, they conduct ambushes instead of overwhelming their prey as many other ogors would do. “

Winterbite uses some of the more subtle elements available to the Ogors – like Yhetees and Frost Sabers! Their Howl Of The Wind command ability specifically buffs those units:

These units basically get to swing first at the start of the combat phase. And if the hero activating them happens to be your general with the Wintertouched General Ability then they are ALSO getting +1 to wound!

This can make for a pretty powerful first-strike unit. Conversely, if you need to hold them back to keep objectives or cover your own territory, they have a way to avoid that pesky missile fire with Ghosts In The Blizzard:


The Winterbite Mawtribe also has access to a potent Relic in the Frostfang. It’s possible to get an extra 5 damage PER ATTACK if you get really lucky over the course of a game.

The Ogor’s are coming with a new Battletome this weekend from Games Workshop! Their hunger grows…

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