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Goatboy’s 40K: Fighting the Meta – with Chaos Knights

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Oct 31 2019

Goatboy here – went to the SoCal Open this past weekend and took a funky Pure Chaos Knight list. Let’s take a look.I won’t go into the games that much – other then to say I killed Executioners pretty dang good when I faced them.  I went 4-2 with the extreme army and took home Best Renegade Knight player.  Not to bad for an army I hadn’t even played yet.  While running around with Giant robots and having some fun I did think of a better way to run the list.  I want to throw out 2 different versions that tweak one of the Despoilers.

What Worked – What Didn’t

Let’s go with what worked the best.  The Thermal Knights were amazing.  With the Ap-4 they ignored cover for the most part with the d6 damage they could kill just about anything.  I didn’t like the Top Missile so much as while it was cool to hit stuff in buildings – it didn’t work out that well.  I either rolled two low for hits or just never hit that often.  Also – since things were in cover my AP didn’t matter so it was nearly as amazing as it could be.  The other big winner was the Moirax War Dogs with Lightning Coils.  Holy crap those guys are good.  In fact you will see how good they are as I copy and paste my way to victory.

The Meh Units was the Castigator.  It was a pretty cool unit – but it never did enough in most of the games I played.  It ended up being a nuisance when I would hurt the Knight to make its gun more deadly.  I think usually lost a few wounds and then it got shot more and died faster.  The one  time I used it pretty effectively was when I set up a first turn charge, hit, get exploded, and gutted the middle of an army.  I still lost the game – but it was pretty fun watching this giant robot go ape through an explosion.   The other game I lost would have been better if I went hog wild into the opponents army and just got mixed in with units.  Oh well –  you learn as you play.

Let’s go onto the two versions of the list.  List one – aka probably the best as it simplifies the play style.  It is lower on CP – but I think you don’t need it as much as you use the Moriax power to clear hordes as needed.

Chaos Knights Version 2.1a – All Da Moriax!

Super Heavy Detachment – +6CP
Iconclast Household

Knight Despoiler, Thermal Cannon X 2, Warlord – Knight Diabolus, Relic – Veil of Medrengard – 397pts
Knight Despoiler, Thermal Cannon X 2, Ironstorm Missile Pod – 413pts
Knight Despoiler, Thermal Cannon X 2, Ironstorm Missile Pod – 413pts
Moirax War Dog X 3, Lightning Coil X 6 – 465pts
Moirax War Dog X 2, Lightning Coil X 4 – 310pts

PTs – 1998 CP – +9CP


This army can easily be set up to gain two Dreadblades if playing versus other Knight armies or if you want to get some crazy fast movement options by going with one of the Pacts, a Warlord Trait, and even a Relic.  It has a chance to throw out 60 shots that add more on 6’s as well.  It also has a weird form of bubble wrap if you want to use the 5 War Dogs.  The amount of firepower it can throw out is pretty insane if you start to roll hot.

While I like this one I still have a black space in my heart to try and fit in a Battle Cannon Knight.  You could drop one of the Moriax’s and double BC up a Knight if you want.  Or Double Avenger Gatling cannon as well.  I get the feeling this might be the more interesting one to players as they can customize a bit more with the army.  Or at least do something neat like every Knight is Dedicated to a specific god with some cool conversions, awesome Knight upgrades I have seen around, and whatever other options that seem interesting.


For the Warmaster!  Do you think the Moriax has game?


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