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Warhammer 40K: Imperial Fist Rules Preview

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Oct 16 2019
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Games Workshop brings us a look at some of the new rules coming for the Imperial Fists – Here come the sons of Dorn!

The Imperial Fists are getting their Supplement this weekend which means the Sentinels of Terra are getting a crop of new rules. Today, GW is showcasing some of those new updates. Let’s take a look at what the Imperial Fists are bringing to the Tabletop!

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“For more than 10 millennia, the Imperial Fists have defended the Sol System and crushed the enemies of Mankind all across the galaxy from aboard their matchless star fortress, Phalanx.”

Chapter Tactic – Siege Masters

Hopefully, this one isn’t a big shock to anyone as their Chapter Tactic has been out for a while now. The Imperial Fists are great at denying cover to their enemies thanks to this Chapter Tactic. Their Bolters are also extra dangerous in general. We’ll have to see how Imperial Fists players choose to capitalize on this rule in combination with their Supplement.

And speaking of new rules, you guessed it, the Imperial Fists are getting all the standard stuff: Warlord Traits, Relics, Stratagems, Tactical Objectives and a new psychic discipline called Geokinesis.

Combat Doctrine – Legacy of Dorn


The Legacy of Dorn is the Chapter’s enhancement to Combat Doctrines. This one triggers during the Devastator Doctrine (which means you start the game with it active). Heavy weapons targeting Vehicles and Buildings get to add 1 to the Damage of their attacks. This benefits your multi-shot weapons a lot more than say a Lascannon – but an extra 1 point of damage per hit is welcome regardless!

Warlord Trait – Indomitable

Your Warlord can ignore wound rolls of 1-3. That’s kind of bonkers as you’re seriously lowering the effectiveness of those high-strength attacks against this model. And this is the only Warlord Trait GW is teasing, but you’re getting 5 more in their supplement.

Psychic Power – Wrack And Ruin

Geokinesis will provide another handful of Psychic Powers and Wrack And Ruin is a hint at the theme of this powerset. As for how useful this power will be…well, if you’re playing with fortifications/buildings then it should be a lot more valuable. If you’re not, you’ve got 5 others to choose from.

New Relic – The Eye of Hypnoth



The Imperial Fists are also getting a ton of new Relics. The Eye of Hypnoth basically turns your character into Lieutenant – but only for ranged attacks. I suppose if you were wanting to run this on a Captain who was going to babysit a Heavy Support option (or 3) then this would actually be pretty useful. If nothing else, now you can save points on taking a Lieutenant.

New Relic – Fist of Vengeance (Crimson Fists)

How about a powerfist that doesn’t have a -1 to hit? That seems like it could be useful. Oh did we mention that this book also has some goodies for Crimson Fists in here as well? Surprise!

New Stratagem – Praetorian’s Wrath

The Imperial Fist’s first turn has the potiential to really soften some targets up. Praetorian’s Wrath comboed with their Devastator Doctrine boost will help for sure with the additional AP added to their Heavy or Grenade weapons.

Tor Garadon

Along with the new Supplement is also the new Character and his rules. He’s a Captain in Primaris and gets all those benefits. Plus he’s got the Siege Captain rule, some interesting weapons, and a Signum Array to boot:



That’s all for the GW Imperial Fist reveals. Their book is going up for Pre-order this weekend!

Author: Adam Harrison
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