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D&D: Chris Perkins Teases Sequel To Strahd

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Nov 11

Chris Perkins, DM to the stars and D&D adventure author extraordinaire at WotC has just teased a possible return to Ravenloft. Come take a look.

The Curse of Strahd helped change 5th Edition. Following adventures like Hoard of the Dragon Queen or the Rise of Tiamat, the Curse of Strahd was an adventure meant to evoke gothic horror and featured heavily the presence of Strahd von Zarovich, one of the most iconic vampires in D&D. Full of drama, cool fights, hags, and an introduction to Ravenloft for those folks new to D&D, it stands out because of its iconography and inspirations. It doesn’t feel like your typical D&D adventure, both because of its setting, and because of the way players interact with Strahd.

We mention all of this because Chris Perkins, who is one of the authors of the Curse of Strahd, has promised that folks who love that adventure will love what he’s been working on as of late.

And let’s not forget this incredible followup:


Now does this mean we’re going to see Cursin’ 2: Strahd’s Boogaloo? Possibly–but, much like Deus Ex was the spiritual successor to System Shock, or if you prefer a less dated reference, much like League of Legends is the spiritual successor to DOTA, it could be that we’re not seeing a direct sequel, but rather some sort of successor that draws on the uniqueness of the previous adventure to give us something that’s as villain-focused.


Whether it’s another bout of Gothic horror, or a prelude to the nocturne that is Ravenloft, whatever they’re working on sounds exciting. We already know that Wizards is working on their next adventure, one that author Adam Lee has stated will introduce innovative new concepts to D&D, even for experienced players:

“In this one, this one that’s yet to come, it’s got innovative stuff in it. Innovative ways to start your characters off, innovative gameplay, innovative mechanics. When Descent Into Avernus comes out, I want to see how people like it and play it. I’d love to hear the stories people make about it. But I’m also excited about this next one, because there’s a lot of stuff I’m excited about.”

“We’re working on the next one right now … That’s something that [D&D Senior Story Designer] Chris Perkins is working on. We’ve done a bunch of brainstorming, we did some initial story stuff, and we’ve been jamming it out and nearing completion. It’s great.”

Whatever it is, it sounds pretty exciting.

Happy Adventuring!

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