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Games Work Rumor Engine: Tickle The Ivories

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Nov 12 2019

The new Games Workshop Rumor Engine is out and it’s showing off some fancy accessories for…something? Take a look!

Are we looking at horns? Tusks? A fancy chandelier? I’m not quite sure so have a look at tell us what you think this one could be.

via Warhammer Community

Why are these Rumour Engine pictures so vague and unhelpful, you ask? Because it’s fun to watch everyone guess. Take a look at this one:

Let’s just assume for the moment we are looking at some type of tusk or horn. What the heck is up with all that jewelry? Just going through the list of possible suspects on both the AoS and 40k fronts, the list is relatively short. Who wears jewelry and also has organic-looking tusks/horns or similar building materials?

  • Aeldari
  • Slaanesh
  • Seraphon

I don’t really think the Aeldari fit the bill – they don’t typically make their Wraithbone into Tusk-shapes. So that really just leaves Slaanesh and Seraphon. Now, the Slaanesh have a strong case here just based on some of the previous models like Syll’Esske and the new Keeper of Secrets models:


Slaanesh certainly has the Horns and the Jewelry part down. I wouldn’t rule them out but they have also gotten a lot of attention in the past year. The Seraphon on the other hand have been waiting for a new Battletome for a while and a new kit would be a nice addition to that existing line. Perhaps it is a terrain piece, Endless Spell, or some other crazy lizard-man thing.

They do decorative horns after all and they do like the jewelry as well. Maybe it’s some new beast of burden? I don’t know so I’m turning this one over to you internet. What do you think this new Rumor Engine could be? Let us know in the comments your best guess.

C’mon Loxodon Army!

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