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Games Workshop Unboxes Dark Uprising

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Nov 04

With 17 sprues of terrain Dark Uprising is going to be PACKED. Check out what’s inside the new Necromunda Boxed Set!

Games Workshop is showing off the contents of the new Dark Uprising Boxed set for Necromunda and it’s got a ton of the new plastic Zone Mortalis walls, columns, platforms and doors – 15 sprues worth to be exact! It also comes with 2 more sprues of terrain on top of all the other stuff you need to play. You know, like 2 gangs, dice, templates, rules, a playmat and more.

via Warhammer Community

It’s a lot of stuff crammed into the box for sure. If you’re playing Necromunda, Warhammer 40,000, The Horus Heresy or pretty much any other game set in the Grimdark future then you’ll find a use for this terrain for sure! Thematically, it looks like you could easily combine it with the other Sector Mechanicus, or really any of the Industrial-looking terrain kits and have an amazing board.

Now, on to the other cool stuff in the box: The Gangs!

Corpse Grinder Cults

These “Gangers” are looking pretty brutal. Bonesaws, and Saws made of bone, I think they are certainly going for a specific look. It’s a cross between a butcher shop and a surgeon – kind of like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but in the Underhive. The sprues look like you’re going to have lots of options for customizing your gang as well. If nothing else, these guys would also make EXCELLENT Khorne Cultists for 40k.


Enforcer Patrol

We’ve been seeing these Space Cops show-up for a bit and it’s looking pretty good! If you’ve ever wanted to trying to bring the “law” to the lawless, this “Gang” sounds perfect. The Sprues are looking good with tons of options for you to customize the Enforcers however you want. I’m a little unsure how you can build an odd number of models from these two sets of sprues as GW usually just doubles-up on the same sprue in the kits. Maybe the second sprue is different this time around.

Do you still have templates? Do you miss using them? Well GW has a new set you can use for your games of Necromunda included in the Dark Uprising Box. Is that a scatter die I see? Yes. Yes it is.

The Game Mat is double-sided as are the tokens. The box also contains a rulebook and cards for both the gangs – so again, it’s everything you need to play. Time to get some clippers, a hobby knife, and some glue!


It’s a lot of stuff in the box and if you’re wanting to really deck-out a tabletop for playing in the Underhive, this boxed set is going to be a great start. Just start prepping your wallet for a major evacuation of funds.



The Dark Uprising is coming to pre-order this weekend!

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