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Geekery: Even Disappointed Fans Will Like These New ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Posters

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Nov 21 2019

So… you may not be excited about the movie. These pieces of art are still worth a gander and possibly worthy of being your phone’s wallpaper. They feature favorite and new characters alike.

I know a lot of folks have given up on the franchise after The Last Jedi – some in very inappropriate ways. I’m planning on finishing this out. I expect top-notch work from ILM, and the costume and production designers. The heavy lifting falls on the script and editing. We will see next month if it will be redeeming or not.

Anyway, onto this fantastic art. I collect original theater hung posters – my house has everything from a Skyfall IMAX only window card to an original French 2001 six sheet that hung in a theater in Paris to a Rogue One 6×8′ vinyl banner from Argentina. At this point, there are more vintage movie posters on my walls than family photos. They’re kinda my thing.

The Dolby exclusive is my favorite of this batch – it shows Poe Dameron facing down an armada of ships (maybe Sith Star Destroyers). It’s really well done and I’ll be seeking one out of my collection. The character posters are clean, simple, and a nice way to showcase the heroes and villains. I’ve tried to make these big enough that you can download them and use them on your phone if you dig them. Enjoy 🙂

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters December 20th – tickets are on sale now!

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