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Geekery: New ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Clip – They Fly Now

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Nov 26 2019

The cycle of trailers is done and we have a month till the big day – time for a new, high action clip with the trilogy’s favorite characters. Before we get to the clip there’s a story J.J. Abrams told on Good Morning America – someone tried to sell an original copy of the Rise of Skywalker script on eBay.

“One of our actors, I won’t say which one — I want to, but I won’t — left it under their bed and it was found by someone who was cleaning their place. It was then given to someone else who went to sell it on eBay.”

It was quickly found by a Disney employee – I’m sure they have armies of folks that watch for this kind of thing – and was removed before it was sold. Oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After a chat with the show’s hosts, Abrams revealed a new clip that expands on the bazaar scene that’s shown in the trailers. It also includes troopers doing something novel (unless you’re a Madalorian). Take a look…


Cool. Not a lot of context there, but it’s super pretty and it feels like the franchise. The Star Wars movies feature ILM at its best, it better be pretty. I’ve said my piece on this a few times – I’m going to see this trilogy through in the theater. We all know where it’s going to excel, and where it can totally fall flat if not handled properly. Hopefully having Abrams in the director’s chair can reign it back in and give this story a decent ending (unless you hate him – in that case, I can’t help you).

Back in May, he talked about how he views this trilogy, its themes, and its overarching story…

“This trilogy is about this young generation, this new generation, having to deal with all the debt that has come before. And it’s the sins of the father, and it’s the wisdom and the accomplishments of those who did great things, but it’s also those who committed atrocities, and the idea that this group is up against this unspeakable evil and are they prepared? Are they ready? What have they learned from before? It’s less about grandeur. It’s less about restoring an old age. It’s more about preserving a sense of freedom and not being one of the oppressed.”

It’s a good story idea. This one needs to stick the landing.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters December 20th – tickets are on sale now!


More importantly – who wants this baby in Legion?

Author: Mars Garrett
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