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Goatboy’s 40k: Faith & Fury Thoughts: Iron Warriors, Emperor’s Children & World Eaters

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Nov 26 2019
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Goatboy, here again, to finish up the Chaos Space Marine review from Faith and Fury.  We have 3 more Legions do dig into and I think they are all pretty good. 

They all have their uses and I plan on reviewing them as before – based on a 1-5 Nurglings review.  It seems to work, gives you a better idea, and it’s easy.

Legion – Iron Warriors

Overall Usefulness – 3 Nurglings
This isn’t a bad Legion – it is just at an interesting point.  The Legion had a heyday for a bit when you had Cultists bombs that needed a fearless option with their Cold and Bitter Warlord trait.  Cultists got smashed a bit, so they are not nearly as useful as they used to be.  Still, this army could be a place to start the Beta strike with some Obliterators and cascading Aura effects.  If Oblits go down in points, we’ll see.

Warlord Traits – 3 Nurglings
They have the Fearless option, and even a 5+ Feel No Pain option as well.  I used to use an Iron Warriors Slaanesh Daemon Prince to get the 5+ FNP Slaanesh spell and a 2+ armor save, so now I could set that up without needing to worship the creeper known as Slaanesh.  There is another one that causes unmodified hits of a 6+ to cascade into an additional hit for Daemon Engines and Cult of Destruction models, so that seems pretty good.  I think if you want a batch of powerful leaders – making them Iron Warriors isn’t bad.

Stratagems – 3 Nurglings
Again if Obliterators get cheaper and better for some reason, then this is the Legion to pick.  There are a ton of options to either reroll the damage, reroll all the dice, and be protected by having a flesh wall of Cultists.  This army looks to still be the pile of Fearless Cultists with your friendly neighborhood techno virus guys taking the lead for damage.  I do like how you can just gain a flat 3 wounds on vehicles as well – so that could be useful if I ever get my 3 Ky’tan lists working.  I got one, so I would need 2 others.

Relics – 3 Nurglings
The relics are not bad – just kinda normal.  They are a bunch of weapons that are pretty decent.  From the Mace to an Axe and even a combi-bolter.  I like the Insidum as it gives the bearer the Daemon Keyword, with +1 to strength, toughness, and wounds.  They also have a cute Warpsmith option that gives the unit 4 attacks that if each hits causes an instant mortal wound.  As it is for Warpsmiths only, you could see it showing up on Lord Discordants as another murder machine option.

Legion – Emperor’s Children

Overall Usefulness – 3-4 based on becoming a Utility option
This army isn’t bad, as there is a lot of utility you can use with this army.  They have some good relics, decent stratagems, and even some ok warlord traits.  It really depends on what you need for your army.  I think Night Lords might work better – but this Legion isn’t bad and can be just as useful.

Warlord  Traits – 3 Nurglings
All the Warlord traits are designed to make your warlord more of a badass.  Lots of more attacks, minus’s to hit due to being stanky, and even damage prevention.  Again if you are building a Utility detachment option, then these guys might be useful as you can get some more Anti overwatch and a powerful monster coming in hot into your opponent’s army.

Stratagems – 4 Nurglings
The Combat Elixirs seem interesting, and again I am thinking about some dumb bulk Possessed or Noise Marine options.  The ability to change one of the charge dice rolls to an automatic 6 means you have a guaranteed 7-inch charge with the Raptorial Host.  That seems pretty good for utility.  Heck, the 1 CP +1 to strength and damage on Noise marines alone could be powerful with a big blob of rocker dudes.  They can even move one unit to a different army before the first turn begins, so maybe we could set up some cool options if needed.

Relics – 4 Nurglings
Chaos finally has another no overwatch power with their Armour option.  They also have an exciting priest option to allow units within 6″ to reroll their wound rolls.  The no overwatch one is the best with the others just being interesting.  You can tell the power of that as it gives Chaos a powerful Slam captain if they want and some interesting utility for armies that want to paint some guys purple instead of Dark blue with Lightning bolts.


Legion – World Eaters

Overall Usefulness – 3-4 Nurglings 
I love the World Eaters as this update feels well within the line for them.  If we see some nice point changes, we could see an actual viable all Khorne World Eaters nonsense army do pretty well. At the very least, we can at least have fun charging with Berserkers and causing all kinds of trouble.

Warlord  Traits – 3-4 Nurglings 
They have one Warlord trait that lets them get a +1 to Charge and advance rolls so mixed with some Stratagems you start to have a swift army.  They even have some extra attack options as well, plus some fun Heroic Intervention bits.  I expect the one Warlord Trait to be used all the time – but the others are not bad at all.  I think you could start to mix some of these movement options with The Soul Forged Pack and get a pack of Very fast daemon engines coming down the pipeline.

Stratagems – 5 Nurglings
World  Eaters got a free 9-inch movement for Khrone Infantry units.  Heck, those dreams of crazy Khorne Possessed seem fun as you rush up the battlefield and get engaged in combat.  Heck, a crap ton of on foot Zerks coming at you mad seems great too.  On top of that, we even get the chance to make Khorne Zerker Terminators as well.  They get +1 strength and can even fight twice.  Holy cow, is that awesome.  Now, if only we had more Chainaxes in the new kit.  They even gain a way to get more command points by killing an Enemy character too.  The 6″ consolidation strat also seems good too as you know the whole Warp Talon upgrades means you utilize them to triangle lock options.  Heck, they even get an option to make their Death to the False Emperor activate on all enemies!  Holy crap, that is a ton of attacks!  If you are fighting Imperium units, it activates on a 5+ as well.  The chainsaw starts whirling for sure.  They even give an option to get another -1 to AP on weapons to a unit, too – which can be useful.

Relics – 4 Nurglings
We get an option to give out Gorefather for your leader, as well as some other fun options.  The Banner of Rage for a priest seems neat as it gives out a one turn +1 attack aura.  The big winner looks to be the Berserker Glaive as it gives the bearer a decent weapon with a 5+ Feel No Pain.  I really wish we could still have Chaos lords on Bikes as I could see a really sweet biker gang army if we wanted too.  Overall they are all pretty neat, and very World Eater like.


Final Thoughts

Those are the final 3 and I really like how the World Eaters worked out.  They feel very much on point for the army and I really think we should see a true book release for them with all kinds of prayers, psychic hating, and crazy options.  Of course, the rumors point to Emperor’s Children getting something in the future so will, see.  I really think this release breathes a lot of power into the Chaos Space Marines and showcases what we might see as the others come out.  The Eldar stuff was interesting but not nearly as helpful as this new Chaos Space Marine stuff.  I hope we see this come to the other Chaos legion – The Dark Angels soon.

~Until next time – Death to the False Emperor!

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