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Goatboy’s 40K: Making a Grimdark List, Checking it Twice

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Nov 11

Let’s break down my top 10 things I would love to see in the upcoming year from those grimdark overlords at GW.

Goatboy here again, and as we get closer to the Xmas times, it has me thinking about what would be on my wishlist.  We all know it will be full of Chaos nonsense – but it isn’t all Chaos Sigils, chants to dark and foul gods, and creepy daemonic engines burst forth in the for real space that is my heart.

10. I hope we have an excellent Black Templar army.  Between my best bud Nick and another good buddy Jeff from SATX – they really want to play Black Templars.  I hope they kick ass, and they have a full-fledged little book full of anti psyker nonsense, crazy knight-like dudes, and usable rules.  Let it at least be a decent Marine option even without some updated Primaris models and other nonsense.


9. GW, please let the Sisters army be decent enough and cheap enough to buy.  I painted a huge metal Sisters army and would have loved to have done them in their new plastic models.  I just hope the army isn’t wallet breaking. I think the models look interesting enough, but we can’t have a “cheap” points-wise army be costly to get.  If it is, then we will just see a ton of old metal models running around instead of the sweet floating plastics.

8. Hey GW – please release an updated Daemon book.  Fix those Stratagems, warlord traits, and daemon wide army rules mixed with all the updated units.  There are too many random things floating around that need to be collated into one book.

7. Save the Bikers! While we are thinking about it – I know legends are coming out, so all those biker characters are dying out for competitive play.  I wish GW would release a little Character PDF with some updated rules as Orks and Chaos like to have some cool biker characters.  I mean Marines kept their biker captain that doesn’t have a plastic model – so why can’t Chaos keep theirs?


6. Psychic awakening – please give me some of the rumored stuff.  The chatter points to 2 wound cult troops, which makes my Death Guard more fun – but will see. I want some more interesting rules.  The way it looks, I am guessing a page of Strats, page of Warlord traits, and maybe some cool Psychic powers/relics for each Legion.  Right now, my go-to for a fun game army is Death Guard, and it makes me sad we don’t see them in there.

5. Chapter Approved better do some big changes.  I don’t need rules changes as much (beyond terrain…) but would like to see some true point updates that help the game out.  There are some weird things that might get good if dropped and some other things that need to get tweaked (Assault centurions… cough cough).  I would just like to see a big shakeup.  Oh, and maybe some extra rules for units that are matched play – not just funsies play.

4. I really hope the new Chaos stuff in Age of Sigmar isn’t nearly as cool as it looks.  Just for my wallet as building some dynamic Chaos Warriors mixed with Chaos Space marines to create cool as hell Zerkers and other things.  Man, that sounds cool as hell. *gulp* it may be too late to save me on this one…


3. Oh man, Mephiston better be frigging amazing.  All the tiny little pieces look cool, and making him pass into a Primaris would be pretty awesome. Hell, he might even get an Invulnerable save this time around.  Wait, who am I kidding – of course, he won’t cuz he is a badass, and his Feel No Pain is his invulnerable save!

2. Please GW – let the Legion rules go to every model in the Legion.  Please let us poor whittle Chaos players have that.

1. Give us an updated full 40k rulebook with all the updated rules.  If it is 9th edition, that’s fine – but we need something that combines it all together into one nice rulebook with the extra story, fixed terrain rules, and some updated missions to try and push us into the next Matched game level.

~What is your top 10 wish list?  What are you hoping to see in this next year as we finish the year off with a psychic bang and some crazy AOS models crawling out of the primordial ooze that is the GW experience?

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