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Horus Heresy: New Models & 2020 Plans Revealed

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Nov 20 2019

The Horus Heresy is going strong and Games Workshop is revealing some plans for next year as well as some new models coming your way!

2019 was a solid year for Horus Heresy releases. The ancient battles of the 31st millennium continued to play out with a ton of model releases and Book Eight: Malevolence. We also saw Sanguinius get a model and a whole slew of dreadnoughts make their way to the tabletop. In 2020, GW is showing no signs of slowing down! There’s a weekender on the way plus we’re getting some early reveals as well. Take a look:

via Warhammer Community

The Angel’s Tears

The Angel’s Tears are the Blood Angels’ equivalent of Destroyer squads from other Space Marines Legions. Equipped with jump packs and armed with weapons designed to annihilate their enemies, they are true Angels of Death. Whether they are armed with volkite serpenta or Angel’s Tears grenade launchers, their arrival heralds total destruction.

You can certainly see hints of what this armor eventually becomes:

It’s not quite as ornate…yet. But give it another 9000 years and you’ve got the Sanguinary Guard.

The Next Chapter


The title of the next book has also been revealed – The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade. This one will explore the Dark Angels and the Night Lords and will bring us into the battle over the Thramas Sector. Not only will we get more lore and background about this particular conflict, but we’ll also get more info on both of these icon-yet-mysterious chapters.

Plus, lots of new artwork!

This is just the tip of the HH Iceberg heading your way in 2020. You can bet more models are on the way that tie-in to the Thramas Conflict. Perhaps a Primarch? We’ll have to wait and see! We’re also going to see more from the Black Library as the Siege of Terra picks-up some more steam. And even Adeptus Titanicus will be growing as well with more models and campaigns coming in 2020!


It’s going to be an exciting year ahead for the Horus Heresy!


Why are they doing a book about two traitor legions fighting? So weird…

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