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Monsterpocalypse: Pteradax and Tharsis-5 Spoilers

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Nov 21 2019

The Privateer Press Dev Hangout yesterday had some awesome previews for December Monsterpocalypse releases. Let’s check them out!

If you caught the latest Dev Hangout¬†you might have seen the new Terrasaurs and Martain Menace rules. But if you missed them, worry not! You can check them all out below. Let’s start things off with the Terrasaurs.

Pteradax Alpha

Pteradax Hyper

I absolutely love Pteradax and what this Monster brings to the table. Terra Khan players rejoice! The Tow Action is going to make setting up that Super Damage from Feeding Frenzy so much easier to pull off.

Pteradax is a fast, high defense monster that always has Side Step, so every miss will give you a nice 3 space move. Energy Sap is another stand out rule as messing with your opponents Monster Pool is massively powerful. It’s a fairly common tactic to chain Monster Activations together by spending as few Action dice as possible. Pteradax is going to ruin your opponents plans and start stealing away those precious Action dice, especially in Hyper form with Penetrator and Rapid Fire on the blast attack.



Bellower Elite


Unit Thoughts

Pteradactrix brings a Tow Action to your Unit turn that will open up some fun yo-yo tricks. The Bellowers bring a solid ranged attack and the handy Disruption rule.

Tharsis-5 Alpha

Tharsis-5 Hyper

December is a great month for releases as Tharsis-5 is another fantastic Monster. Nano Construction will allow for a lot of Repair actions. I think a Statue of Liberty will be a must so you can repair twice a turn. In Alpha form, the Rampager rule is going to generate a ton of dice given the right situation. Remember that buildings are models, so Rampaging through 2 buildings a unit will net you 8 Power Dice! (3 for each building, 2 for the unit).


Reaper Elite



Unit Thoughts

The Reapers mark the first Destroyer Units that can use Power Dice, which is even better when you remember that Deimos has Flank. This is definitely the unit Deimos-9 has been waiting for and I’m excited to see them all on the table together.

The Harvester is very aptly named, because the Abduction Matrix ability is going to lead to a ton of bodies being gobbled up by these aliens. Abduction Matrix affects your units anywhere on the table! So keep a Harvester in your backfield and let the rest of your harvesting force get to work. What’s really cool is that if you have 2 Harvesters they buff each other, letting them abduct DEF 4 models!

Wrap Up

With so many amazing releases coming up, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I am super excited to get my Martain Menace force beefed up and back on the table, as I think these units are exactly what the Martians needed. On the other hand, Pteradax has me looking towards Terra Khan again. Even without the Khan tricks, Pteradax is just an excellent addition to the Protectors roster.

Which December release are you most excited for?



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