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Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Tiles & More

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Nov 10 2019

The new Zone Mortalis Tiles and The Book of Ruin are now available for pre-order from Games Workshop – check out what’s inside!

Do you want a really cool playscape for your games of Necromunda? Do you miss the old Outlanders supplement from days of yore? Well Games Workshop has some products you might be interested in:

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles!

The new Zone Mortalis Tiles are really neat! They are 1’x 1′ plastic squares with lots of details on the floors and are designed to fit the new Zone Mortalis Terrain from Dark Uprising. Now, in the box, you get 4 tiles and they are all the same tile. However, they are modular and you can rotate them to create a unique board. If you’re thinking of making a diorama or display board for Necromunda or Kill Team, then these boards are just what the doctor ordered!


You can also paint these tiles up in many different way to trick the eye into thinking these are all different designs. In a lot of ways, these tiles are a blank slate for you to play around with. Time to bust out the technical paints and washes and see what you can come-up with.

Book of Ruin – Outlanders Reborn?

If you’re not familiar with the Outlanders Rulebook, it was a supplemental book for the first edition of Necromunda. It had rules for outlaw gangs, new gangs, more weapons, and quite a few more extras. The Book of Ruin follows in the same vein with a similar focus on outlaws and more gangs.


These aren’t just outlaws however, these are Cultists. Cults for Heretics and Aliens alike! So if you wanted rules for your Genestealer Cults or your Chaos Cults, this book has them printed and available for your use. This book is also about more than just new gangs and cults – it’s about insurrection! These cults aren’t just your typical gangs…they are looking to overthrow the control of the Imperial Houses that subjugate the underhive. To do that, this book has 6 alternate Uprising Campaign Scenarios as well as arbitrator tools to help facilitate the campaign.

This 128-page hardback book contains:

– Rules and background for the various cults, both alien and heretic, that have taken root across Necromunda
– New Hangers-on: Cadaver Merchant, Heretek and Agitator
– 18 scenarios that reflect subversive forces taking control of a hive
– 6 multiplayer scenarios
– A collection of tools to help an Arbitrator enhance players’ experience of scenarios and campaigns
– Updated Trading Post
– Rules and background for these Hired Guns: Queen Lorsha, Eightfold Harvest Lord, Abomination of Badzone 12, Hermaphage Magos, Alice Shivver, Jorth Slither and Vandoth the Fallen

While it has echoes of the Outlanders book, The Book of Ruin puts a whole new twist on the term outlaw.

All Your Bases

Last but not least we also take a quick look at the “new” Zone Mortalis Scenic Bases. This is actually a set of 35 detailed bases. They look like the same bases you’d get with the Necromunda kits so they fit perfectly in that theme. You get 15 x 25mm bases, 15 x 32mm bases and 5 x 40mm bases. If you’re looking to re-base some miniatures, these are a good option.



All of these Products are up for Pre-Order this weekend from Games Workshop!

Author: Adam Harrison
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