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Warhammer 40K : Are You A Veteran – Prove it

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Nov 14 2019

Today we’re separating the hoary veterans from the more energetic folks.  Tell us many how may of these grimdark rules, items and mechanics you have personally used.

Ok, here’s the rules: Below are a series of rules and items taken from the entire history of Warhammer 40,000.

Count up how many of these you either personally used, fought against, or owned on the tabletop. Drop your score in the comments and let’s see who our veteran kings really are:

  • Scatter Dice
  • Guess Weapons
  • Death or Glory
  • Ordinance Template
  • Following Fire Dice
  • Apocalypse “BIG GUN” Dice
  • Clear Plastic Vehicle Targeting Grid
  • Anti-plant Grenade
  • Played Space Hulk (1st edition)
  • Doom of Malan’tai
  • The Alaitoc Ranger Disruption Table
  • Forge World Horus Heresy Hardback Book
  • Bought a NEW Metal 40K Mini.
  • Lance Weapons Rule (in 40K)
  • Apocalypse “Cloverleaf” Template
  • Doomrider
  • Played Battlefleet Gothic (mini game)
  • “Trapped” a unit Falling Back
  • Played Necromunda (1st Edition)
  • Squats
  • Destroyer Weapons Rule
  • Macharius
  • Played EPIC (any edition)
  • Necron Pariahs
  • Last Man Standing Rule
  • Forge World Imperial Armour Hardback Book
  • Hand Flamer Template
  • Vortex Grenade (any edition)
  • Built a list using the Allies Table (any edition)
  • Duke Sliscus the Serpent

30 Questions: How did you do?

1-5 You’re a Scout! – Welcome to the community!

6-10: Battle Brother – You’ve seen a thing or two.

11-20: Captain – You have tales to tell the newcomers.

21+: Primarch – You are a Grizzled Veteran! Spread your knowledge far!



~How did you do? Which one of these most brought back a great gamer memory?


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