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Warhammer 40K: The Best Parts of the Plastic Sisters Redesign

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Nov 14 2019

The new Sisters of Battle miniatures have some great changes – here’s a few things we really liked about them!

For many years it seemed like Games Workshop wasn’t looking to refresh the Sisters of Battle models at all. When a majority of the models went to finecast, GW still had metal Sisters in the catalogue. Their model range seemed liked the black sheep of the family and that’s why it’s such a big deal that they are finally getting this massive update. Yesterday, we saw what GW has planned beyond their new Army Set and the results were stunning. Has it been worth the wait? Modelwise, heck ya!

We’re not just getting new refreshes of the old kits, we’re getting a few entirely new things in the Character Department and that’s a really good thing. Today, we want to talk about some of the subtle and not-so changes that we are really enjoying about this model redesign. They are all clearly Sisters of Battle – but GW has moved the needle in a really cool direction for the entire range. So here are the think we here at BoLS are really liking about their redesign!

Hover-Pultpit of War

This new Hover-pulpit is just crazy enough in all the right ways! From the massive Aquilla to the skeletal “gunners” it screams Grimdark Gothic and that is the essence of the Sisters of Battle miniatures. It’s also great to see the Sisters finally get a model that is truly unique to their range vs a modified Space Marine unit. Speaking of which…

The Updated Tanks

Wow. Just wow. Again, GW has really leaned into that Grimdark Gothic look for the Sisters of Battle. The Exorcist looks like a chapel on tank treads. It’s still got the Rhino at it’s core but it looks a LOT beefier and more intimidating. GW managed to take that old design and really amp it up with whole new levels of ornate and baroque extras.


The Immolator is certainly in the same vein. It has a freaking stained glass window! Who goes to battle with a stained glass window? The Sisters – that’s who! The Immolator also has another thing that has subtly filtered out through the entire range…

Unique Flamer Look

The weapons of the Sisters of Battle are still Imperial staples. However, GW has again tweaked the design to make them more clearly the Sister’s version than repurposed Marine or Militarum weapons. The Flamers muzzle is a great example of this. They look more like the many Braziers you can see throughout the range – this is a nice touch that helps unite the entire range. You see a brazier you’ll think flamer!


When the Sisters are out their burning witches and heretics, they will be doing it with their own flare: Grimdark Gothic Style!

Sister Repentia Redesign



The Sisters Repentia Redesign is really cool. They turned down the cheesecake and turned up the Grimdark. Now you can see their bionic enhancements on their skin and they look more like crazed zealot-warriors instead of purity seal pin-ups.

We’re looking forward to seeing what this multi-part plastic kit ends up having when it hits shelves. It looks like you can really mix and match it these bits to create some really cool and dynamic poses.

Flip-Down Masks

This is one of those subtle changes that we REALLY liked. These new flip-down visor/masks are bad-ass! This is actually something we’d like to see other armies in the Imperium get – it’s great because you can see their faces but they are still wearing headgear cause, you know, warzone. Take note Space Marine Sergeants…

Penitent Engine Looks Like A Torture Device

The redesign of the Penitient Engine is fantastic! First off – we’re all about getting rid of the metal versions for this one. If you’ve ever built one you know that the real torture of these machines was actually inflicted on the player and not the convict who was strapped in. The metal ones were not balanced the best for tabletop play and when they fell or tipped over they could shatter into bits. It was not the best.

This one, however, is going to be lighter by virtue of it being plastic. It’s also got a lot of elements that we really liked in terms of that Grimdark Gothic style we keep going back to. These things are meant to be torture devices a la the Spanish Inquisition mixed in with some Grimdark tech. And the redesign really nails that feeling. Also note that these war machines use the less stylized flamers. This helps to differentiate them from the Sisters proper. These are the condemned, not the faithful afterall!


There so much more to like about these new models – tell us what you appreciate about them in the comments!

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