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Warhammer 40K: Blood of Baal – More Lore Details Emerge

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Nov 29 2019

Games Workshop reveals more info about the war over the Baal System. It’s time for some Blood Angel payback!

After the events of the Devastation of Baal the Blood Angels were on their back foot. Fortunately, new reinforcements in the form of the Primaris Marines were refilling their ranks of the Blood Angels and their successor chapters. During this slight repreve, it seems that Commander Dante has made some new plans to retake The Red Scar – the portion of Space that the Blood Angels call home.

In a previous article, I had wondered why GW would want to take the fight back to Baal. Then GW hinted that there was more to the sector than first appeared. Something was hiding on Baal. But the narrative is shifting yet again as now it looks like Blood of Baal isn’t going to be a defensive war for the Blood Angels – It’s payback time.

via Warhammer Community

Forced to the walls of the Blood Angels’ fortress-monastery on Baal, things looked bleak for the Imperial forces. It was at this moment that the Great Rift tore across the galaxy, throwing the bio-ships of the Hive Fleet into the void.

But that was not the end of the war for control of the Blood Angels’ realm.

There are (apparently) billions of Tyranid organisms still within the Red Scar. And while they might have been cut off from their Hive Ships (and potentially from the greater will of the Hive Mind) they haven’t been idle. They have been feeding on the biomass provided and they have been adapting. But with their lack of Hive Fleets to move them, it’s now just a bug hunt from planet to planet. And the Blood Angels are leading the charge. They also have some help from the Flesh Tearers!


Commander Dante has decided to go on the offensive with the Blood Angels. He has three targets picked out which he has dubbed “The Points of Grace.” These three strategic locations will enable the forces of the Imperium to press their advance and spread out from Baal. Striking while the Tyranids are at least somewhat blind is a bold move and it could be the advantage the Blood Angels need to purge the xenos from the sector.

The Blood Angels have divided their forces. Commander Dante and Mephiston are leading one force while Captain Sendini of the 5th Company will lead the second strike force. The third force is lead by Gabriel Seth and this Flesh Tearers.

This battle is running against the clock for the Blood Angels. If they can push the Tyranids out, it can stop them from feeding on all that radioactive biomass. If Hive Fleet Leviathan can feed, it can rebuild and the Blood Angels are back to square one. There is also the question of how long it will take for the Tyranids to re-establish psychic contact with the Hive Mind and what implications the Great Rift has on the Shadow in the Warp. The Tyranid Synaptic web was cut – how much time does that buy Dante and the Blood Angels to pull this gambit off?

The Blood Angels and their successors have their mission and time is ticking. Can they take back the Red Scar or will the Tyranids rebuild in time to finish the job? And what is so important about Baal, anyhow?!



Still waiting to find out if there is some sort of Psychic McGuffin on Baal that is calling the Tyranids…

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