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Warhammer 40K: Faith And Fury – Emperor’s Children

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Nov 17 2019
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The Astartes have their litanies, and the Sororitas have their acts of faith… but the Emperor’s Children fight with the power of Chaos and heresy.

Let’s take one last look at Faith and Fury, only this time, instead of staring down the boons and favors to the Faithful, let’s instead feast upon the Chaos that lurks within, right there at the very back of the book. Today, the noisiest bunch of heretics to ever declare themselves enemies of the Emperor, the radical, stylish, Emperor’s Children.

The Emperor’s Children are a powerful, versatile force. And if you have ever seen some of our online battle reports, you know that the powerchord pink princes of marines are some of our favorites. They have a lot of fun, and as you’ll see below, have some abilities that give them quite a bit of impact. Take a look:

Combat Elixirs let you customize one of your units for a particular role, giving you a little extra oomph, while Excruciating Frequencies lets you beef up your Noise Marines, helping them to hit even harder, and Honour the Prince gets you where you need to go.

And once you get there, the Emperor’s Children have some powerful artefacts at their disposal Let’s take a look at some of them.

Fatal Sonancy lets you shred your foes while you shred a wicked solo, and Distortion lets you turn a power sword into a power fist. And this is just a taste of what awaits the Emperor’s Children in Faith and Fury. Truly the powers of Chaos are rising to try and meet the faith of the Imperium. What will the fallout of these battles hold for the rest of the galaxy? Nobody knows.


What do you think of the Emperor’s Children? Will they make some noise at your table, or has their refrain come to a close–let us know in the comments.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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