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Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle Codex Overview

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Nov 16 2019

The Sisters of Battle have a new Codex and we’re taking a tour of the new book. It’s a whole new ballgame!

The last time the Sisters of Battle got an update was the Beta Codex rules in Chapter Approved. Those rules were a bit of a mixed bag. So how does the new book stack-up? Take a look!

This Ain’t Your Sister’s Beta

The New Codex is 112 pages and it’s packed full of all the amenities of a modern 40k Codex. Warlord Traits, Relics, Stratagems, Convictions – aka Chapter Tactics, and even some bonuses for bringing an battle forged army (Sacred Rites). They also have a few returning special rules like Shield of Faith and Zealot. Ruleswise, this certainly seems like a “real” codex in a lot of good ways.

The biggest change has to be the updated Acts of Faith and Miracle Dice system. Now, Games Workshop already showed off how you generate these dice but after spending some time in the codex we can confirm there are a LOT of ways to get random Miracle Dice here and there. There are some limits on what you can do with them and we cover how to use them in the video but they are going to be a potent option for Sisters of Battle on the tabletop.

New Units

If you take a closer look at the Table of Contents, there are quite a number of new units in the book. Units like the Retributors and Zephyrim. There is a gunboat version of the Penitent Engine (we think based on the stat-block). There is Judith Eruita, the Sister on the Hover-Pulpit of War:


There is even a new “Character” that was listed with some pretty bonkers rules that we don’t have a model for. Keep a lookout for more info on Triumph of Saint Katherine tomorrow… Two Words: Boss Fight.

It won’t look like this – but it’s got some very similar concepts…

There is also the Sister’s Battle Sanctum, too. Unfortunately, none of these new units had models in the codex. Which is VERY odd for Games Workshop. I have a feeling they (GW) are going to release them (the Sisters) sometime next year, perhaps when this codex goes on sale in a non-limited format.

As of right now, the book is only available in the Army Boxed Set. We’re going to be exploring the book in even more detail over the next week just because we really want to do it justice. It’s been a long time coming so let’s give this one the space it deserves! It’s not every day GW releases a Sisters of Battle Codex and when they do, they usually end the game – or at least the most current edition.


The Sisters of Battle are BACK with a FURY!


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