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Warhammer 40K: GW’s New Custodes & Sisters of Silence Minis

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Nov 11 2019

Nottingham showed off two new minis this weekend at the Black Library Weekender. Take a look at the latest guardians of the Golden Throne headed to your tabletop.

Black Library occasionally throws up limited edition miniatures with novel tie-ins. So it was perfect timing to see two new characters relased to tie into Chris Wraight’s upcoming novel: The Regent’s Shadow.

The much anticipated second story in the Watchers of the Throne Series.


As Guilliman, Regent of Terra, heads off to lead the Indomitus Crusade, he leaves behind a world still in turmoil, beset by cult activity. Stripped of its huge armies for the galactic offensive, recovery is precarious. The Custodians do what they can while keeping the Palace secure, and the Sisters of Silence rebuild their citadel on Luna. When the warship Phalanx returns, it seems that stability will at last be assured. However, as reconquest forces push out further into the slums, they come across signs that another mysterious foe is active. The truth dawns – not every enemy is corrupted by Chaos, for there are many on Terra who do not share Guilliman’s vision of a new order and the prospect of a Terran civil war looms…

The Minis

The pair are Valerian and Aleya, take a look here:

Here’s a bit of background on the pair of miniatures by the sculptor:

~No word on when these two arrive, but I’m sure there will rules to accompany them.


Author: Larry Vela
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