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Warhammer 40k Rumors: Chaos Orphans Returning Soon

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Nov 5 2019

There’s word on the grimdark rumormill about some upcoming mini releases for the Chaos Marines.

We have been talking a few weeks aback about that ever growing line of “one and done” miniatures that came out with splash release boxed sets and were never seen again. Well, there’s rumor chatter that says that the Ruinous Powers are about to get some love.

Industry voices say:

  • Look for a handful of previous splash release CSM kits to arrive a la carte in the next quarter.
  • Venomcrawler
  • Obliterators
  • Master of Possession
  • Possibly more
  • Some will drag into early 2020


About time. This is a list of the unreleased minis from Shadowspear. If you take a look at the Shadowspear sprues, note that these units are intermixed.


The rumor does not mention if these are sprues recut to be available a la carte, or if this are new “full option kits”, like we saw with the Eliminators/Incursors.  Time will tell. While we are at it, can we get those Primaris Suppressors as well (with some point reductions). I think they look kinda cool.

~ Which of these kits are most awaiting?


Author: Larry Vela
  • GW Rumor Engine: Mechanical Wing-Dings