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Warhammer 40K: The Space Marine Rules Preview From Faith & Fury

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Nov 15 2019

The Space Marines are getting a new batch of update in Faith & Fury – check out what new rules they are getting to play with!

We all know that Space Marines desperately needed an update. Thankfully in Faith & Fury they are getting one. Today Games Workshop has put out some previews for what’s coming soon for the Space Marines so let’s dive right in.

via Warhammer Community

Chapter Litanies

The Space Marine codexes and their supplements brought a wealth of new rules for players to use. Faith & Fury is going to extend that even more with new Chapter Specific Litanies. Here’s the Iron Hand’s new Litany Rule:

These new Litanies should pair nicely with the option to upgrade your Chaplains to Chapter Command for bonus Litany uses. And speaking of Chapter Command:

“This makes your Chaplains, TechmarinesLibrariansApothecaries, Ancients and Company Champions even better and also gives them access to new Warlord Traits and Relics. “

It sure sounds like those non-smash Captains are finally getting some love. Let’s take a look at some of these new upgrade rules for these characters.

Master of Sanctity – New Relic – Sacrosanct Rosarius


This improves their 4+ Invulnerable save to a 3+. Simple but effective.

Master of the Forge – New Stratagem – Master of the Forge

Does the random repair roll get you bogged down? Well now you can count on your Techmarine to repair the full 3 wounds when using the Blessing of the Omnissiah ability.

Chief Librarian – New Relic – Neural Shroud


This will extend the range of your Deny the Witch test by a further 12″ – and that’s on top of all the other buffs becoming a Chief Librarian entails (like more Psychic Power options, an additional Deny test, etc).

Chief Apothecary – New Warlord Trait – Selfless Healer

Double-up on the heals with this new Warlord Trait as your Chief Apothecary becomes a super-charged healbot!

Chapter Ancient – New Relic Banners – Standard of Righteous Hatred

This standard turns all those last-ditch shots/swings deadly accurate by upping the attack BS/WS to 2+. Can you feel the inspiration!

Chapter Champion – New Stratagem – Chapter Champion


When you upgrade your Company Champion to the Chapter Champion, they again a new ability called “Skilful Parry” and that causes melee attacks that target them to have a -1 to hit. That is on top of the increase to their Leadership and Attacks characteristics.

Faith & Fury is coming soon and it will open up some new options for the Space Marines for sure. My question is how the community will respond to these additional options. Are they going to unseat some of the current meta-options, get ignored completely, or be folded in to create an even more powerful version that already exists. I guess we’ll find out.


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