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Warhammer 40K: Sisters Of Battle Special Rules And Orders Militant

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Nov 17 2019

The Sisters of Battle are arriving and with them an updated codex, new units, and new rules–come get a taste of their special rules!

That’s right friends, the Sisters of Battle will soon be here with all the faith and fury of Faith and Fury, only instead of being power-armor clad supersoldiers who use faith and bolters to smite the enemies of the Emperor, they’ll be power-armor clad regular soldiers who use faith and bolters to smite the enemies of the Emperor. Here’s a look at everything in the book:

Today we’re going to take you inside the new Acts of Faith, which can give your army a powerful boon if you only believe (and roll d6s really well). Let’s take a look:

Now you start building a pool of dice that you can swap in for one or more dice on a given roll (according to the list). You’re going to be spending a lot of miracle dice, it seems. But these aren’t the only changes to the game. Take a look at the new Sisters of Battle special rules for Shield of Faith and Zealot, which apply to units containing their respective keywords.

Shield of Faith will help you build up your pool of Miracle Dice, while Zealot keeps the hits coming in. The other tool in the Sisters’ arsenal are the Sacred Rites. These powers are miraculous ways of preparing for battle once you see what you’re up against. Check them out:


Much like the powers of the C’tan, you can pick one power or randomly determine two. There are a few that stand out, giving you extra AP or extra hits on a natural 6, but your army full of flamers might end up with the Morale ability instead. So take care when choosing (or not choosing) your sacred rites. Finally let’s take a look at the Orders Militant–the subfaction special rules for the Sisters of Battle.

Each of the Orders has their own particular flavor. We’re fans of the Quick to Anger, which plays exceedingly well with the new Zephyrim. Who are they? Check back later and find out!

What do you think of the new Acts of Faith? Let us know in the comments!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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