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Warhammer 40K: The Night Lords Will Shut You Down

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Nov 18 2019
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Faith and Fury is bring the dread 8th Legion back to the tabletop with a vengeance and a nasty bag of tricks to deal with anything out there. Take a look at what just their Stratagems can do.

If there’s a hallmark of a solid army it’s a unique set of abilities that lets them do something unexpected and potent on the battlefield. Points are one thing, but unique army abilities can’t be easily replicated.  Remember how much Agents of Vect shook things up?

Criminally Good Strats

Take a look at the Night Lords list of Stratagems:

The normal ratio for Strats is about 20% solid, 30% ok, and 50% never used. But here we see a batman utility belt of almost all solid and ok. There are only 1-2 in the meh category. Here’s some of our favorites:

In Midnight Clad – Solid, fluffy and cheap. This will get used.

We Have Come For You – Anytime you can take movement choices away form the enemy is a good thing.

From the Night – A little hard to pull off being terrain based, but it’s effective and cheap. It’ll come up now and then.

Raptor Strike – Those rapid assault just got much more reliable. Remember the average total of 3d6 is 10.5 inches.


Vox Scream – This is why we are here. Just think of how shockingly potent the ability to shut down an enemy unit’s auras is. How many armies and “power-lists” out there rely on some carefully constructed auras. Now reach out 18″ (no LoS required), and shut it down cold.  Watch chaos and anxiety  ensue.  I’ve already got dozens of plans for this one.


Vox Daemonicus – this relic lets you select an enemy unit within 6″ of the Infantry bearer, and their Aura abilities are reduced to a radius of 1″.  This just reinforces the Vox Scream Strat and gives a crafty 8th Legion player all kinds of ways to throw monkey wrenches into the gears of opposing armies.

I can’t wait to hear your plans on how you would best use these. Throw your dastardly plans in the comments.


“Ave Dominus Nox!”


Author: Larry Vela
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