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Warhammer 40K: Wrath And Glory Shows Off The Dark Mechanicus

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Nov 12 2019

A gorgeous new piece of art from the new Wrath and Glory has been revealed–and from the look of it, the Mechanicus is getting Dark…

Wrath and Glory is getting a new revised edition sometime in the near future, thanks to Cubicle 7 stepping in to take stewardship of all things GW RPG related. With Soulbound (the Age of Sigmar RPG also due out sometime soon) and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay going strong, everything seems to be coming up roses for the Grim Darkness of the distant future in which there is only war. So let’s go take a look at what’s coming for Wrath and Glory.

via Cubicle 7

First up the cover, which shows our party of various characters hewing through some Orcs and an unfortunate Chaos Cultist (probably) as they strike cool 40K style poses in the middle of a firefight, which is what you do. But the new piece of art shows us an Inquisitor taking on some Dark Mechanicus foes.

I suppose it could be possible that they’re just regular ad-mech who were somehow possessed yb demons or the like. But if you were wondering about the art style of the new game, this is it–it’s definitely going for that heroic but grim (and dark) aesthetic that you’d find in other 40K books. This looks like it could be straight out of a codex or a White Dwarf article.

In the 41st Millenium, there is only war. In the Gilead system, the battle for the survival of the Imperium rages. Cut off from the light of the Emperor by Noctis Aeterna, they have no reinforcements, no means of travel, no means of communication with the wider Imperium. Desperate agents of different factions put aside their differences (for now) to defend this bastion of humanity isolated in the darkness.


In Wrath & Glory, you’ll build a group of unique characters based on Warhammer 40,000 Archetypes and embark on your own perilous adventures. By choosing or creating your own Framework, you can define what kind of stories you’d like to tell in the Dark Imperium. The Rulebook cover shows a group of Iconic adventurers battling off Orks and Chaos cultists in a mission to save the Gilead system.

Happy Adventuring!

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