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Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle Army Set Pricing Breakdown

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Nov 12

The Sisters of Battle are getting a new army boxed set – let’s see if we can’t breakdown the pricing for all the goodies inside the box!

Yesterday we got a look at the contents inside the new Army Set for the Sisters of Battle. We also got a look at the pricing for the Army Box was going to clock in at $210. With the contents and the price, we can start to extrapolate if his is going to be a deal worth taking. Short answer is “probably!” Why? Because we don’t the exact price for the contents – but based on the current model range and the pricing model for other similar units, you can make some educated guesses. Let’s get started.

We’re going to be basing these prices off the Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine Ranges because those miniature ranges are in plastic and they are also the trend setters for pricing many of these new kits. Plus they have a ton of newer plastic kits to base these prices off of. Seeing as how Games Workshop pulled all the metal Sisters of Battle kits off the site, it’s a pretty safe bet that this entire plastic range is about to get an overhaul. If you were hoping to get a box of Sisters at $35 MSRP, you haven’t been paying attention to GW lately. That said, these are ESTIMATES and are not final MSRP for these kits.

1x Canoness = $35 (Price of most new plastic Characters and Sister Superior Amalia Novena)

10x Battle Sisters = $60 (based on Intercessor Price)

5x Seraphim = $55 (based off Chaos Space Marine Havoc Price)

1x Repentia Superior + 4x Repentia = $55 (based off Chaos Space Marine Havocs Price)

3x Arco-flagellants = $35 to $50 (Based off either Easy-to-Build or Standard Aggressors)


1x Penitent Engine = $60 (based on Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit)

Exclusive Edition of Codex: Adepta Sororitas – $80 (based on price of limited edition codexes/battletomes)

Adepta Sororitas Datacards = $15 (based on price of Datacard sets)

12x Dice – $9 (based on dice sets)

1x Adepta Sororitas Transfer Sheet = $20 (based on Space Wolves Transfer sheet)

1x Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules booklet – free

Total Estimated MSRP = $424 to $439


Actual Price = $210

Total Estimated Savings = $214 to $229

Again, the individual MSRPs are ESTIMATED. But the Army Set is going to cost $210. Now, I am also noticing a few other things with this set in particular. First off, it’s only 3 sprues as you can see from the picture above. That means many of these sprues are going to be combos with multiple units – kind of like some of the other starter boxed set deals. That also means that many of these are probably going to be single-pose models, again, like starter boxed sets. That’s probably why we’re seeing such a drastic “discount” for these particular units.

You can bet that the Penitent Engine Sprues aren’t going to be attached to 5 Battle Sisters when it gets its own release.

However, when these kits go out sometime next year for full retail runs, you can bet they are going to get chopped-up, re-designed, and repackaged as individual units. For example, 3 Arco-flagellants will probably be repackaged as a unit of 5 or 10 in a box for ~$50-$60.

The sprues in this box seem to be designed in such a way that a re-seller cannot easily re-package and sell these bits without some serious work. It can be done but, unlike a Start Collecting! Box that has all the same sprues as their individual counterparts, it’s going to take a bit more than just separating sprues.

Anyhow, if you’re a current or future Sisters of Battle Player and you want a first crack at the rules and plastic miniatures, you’re going to want to get your hands on this boxed set. You’ll probably only want to get 1 copy for now – if you can get your hands on one that is. These are a limited run and are expected to sell out pretty fast. Good luck and Happy Black Friday shopping.



Are you planning on getting one of these boxed sets? The Limited Edition Codex is almost half the cost already!

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