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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Ossiarch Bonereapers – The Behemoth Units Unboxed

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Nov 10

The Ossiarch Bonereapers have two new Behemoth kits – check out the Mortek Crawler and the Gothizzar Harvester!

If you’re going to run a Behemoth unit for the Ossiarch Bonereapers, you’ve got a pair of options that will have you asking “why not both?!

These two units fill very different roles in the army. The Mortek Crawler is your only real long-range firepower while the Gothizzard Harvester is a front-line support unit. Tactically, they both have their uses and they don’t really overlap so taking one of each (or two of each for that matter) is a totally viable option.

Mortek Crawler – Reach Out and Touch Someone

How do you want to build this? This warmachine from the Empire of Bone is just cool and can be built in multiple ways. You’ve got 3 different “shot” options, you can also build the firing arm in the air or in a loading position. I’m betting with a little magnetic wizardry, you can even build it to move up and down. It’s a really cool kit!

It comes in two different sprues and the details on this kit are fantastic! There are some big chunks of plastic that really give this model some weight and at the same time, some other parts with really fine details. It looks pretty intense and I’m looking forward to assembling this bad boy!

The Bone Collector


The Gothizzar Harvester is perhaps the most “Ossiarch Bonereaper” model in the range. Why? Because it’s a bone construct that is literally picking up bones to create more bone constructs. It’s a self-replicating machine…sort of. Sure, it needs “fuel” and there is probably a Soulmason or some other hero helping to guide it lore-wise, but on the tabletop rules-wise, it’s a self contained mobile hospital for your army. Oh, and it’s no slouch in combat either!

Again, the sprue is pretty dense and has lots of details – something we’ve come to expect from these kits. As a Tyranid Player in 40k, this thing really reminds me of the Carnifex in a lot of ways…if the Carnifex had a corpse-cart strapped to it’s back. I’m digging this miniature and can’t wait to get it built!


All of the Ossiarch Bonereapers are now available from Games Workshop!

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