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Warhammer Underworlds: Wolfriding Warband Preview

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Nov 14 2019

Beastgrave gets beastlier with Rippa’s Snarlfangs, a brand new warband that will wolf down your foes–and here’s a preview of how they’ll fight!

That’s right folks it’s time for more warriors to find their way to the forefront of Warhammer Underworkds. This time it’s goblins, but not just any goblins, it’s goblins on direwolves. But not just any goblins on direwolves, it’s goblins on venomous direwolves. And whose leader has been kicked out of his tribe and sent in a vision quest from Gorkamorka to find a legendary big choppa, somewhere in Beastgrave.


I love everything about these goblins. They have quite a unique playstyle from the look of it, blending speed and multiple attacks with a low model count that means you’ll want to be choosy about when and how your pack of three engages. But you have some cool tricks to help even the odds. To start with, each of these goblins gets a free extra attack on their turn from their Venomfang jaws.

Add to that all the usual goblin trickery up your sleeves, you’ve got a lot to play with. Let’s take a look.

via Warhammer Community 

First up we have Rippa himself, a surprisingly strong fighter with his boss loppa–but he gets even better as you upgrade him, gaining the Inspired version of his stars which makes him run faster, hit harder, and gives him a bow to make ranged attacks with.


Then there’s Mean Eye, who comes standard with a powerful grot bow that gives him a wide threat range, and makes him great at haring off wherever he needs to.

Finally Stabbit, who can take full advantage of the legal hexes that dot the Beastgrave battlefields with his knockback (and range 2) to shove enemies where you need them. Or inspire him, and use an aoe to clean up multiple wounded foes at once.

All three fighters are very adaptable, and play very well together. Stabbit and Mean Eye inspire whenever Rippa is attacked or taken out, which is what friendship is all about. But what really makes them shine is the sheer brutality of their deck. With tactics that damage foes over time, enable vicious counterattacks, or max out your support bonuses, your goblins will punch significantly above their weight when they choose to.

The trick is you can’t continually do that. But you can rely on your upgrades to help you get the most out of your minis, making every action count that much more.


And you can even surprise a foe mid-round with some upgrades thanks to their surge objectives which score immediately and trigger off of things that you’re probably going to do anyway, like charge an enemy or get injured.

These wolfriders are out for pre-order next week, so check back then to snag yours.

What do you think of the Snarlfangs? Wolfpack or wolf(I am so sorry)wack?

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