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A Poison Wind Is Blowing In Total War: Warhammer 2

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Dec 10 2019

The latest Skaven weapon to hit Total War: Warhammer 2, might not be silent, but it is quite deadly. Come and check out the poisoned-wind mortars.

An ill-wind is blowing through the Old World today as the noxious gases of the Skaven are prepared for use against all who would stand in the way of the Great Horned Rat. Or Dark Elves. Specifically them as the mortars are one of the new units introduced in The Shadow and the Blade, the upcoming expansion for Total War: Warhammer 2 that pits the skittering skaven against the debauched dark elves in a deadly dance of demonic death. Check out the Poisoned-Wind Mortar.

The Skaven are all about numberless hordes, warp-lightning, and things that explode that would be better off unexploded. And the Poisoned-Wind Mortar ticks off a number of those boxes. This light-artillery allows a small team of Globadiers, who normally handle the noxious gases of the Skaven, to lob a much larger payload of poisoned-wind globes at a much greater range than a lone globadier could ever hope to achieve. This two-Skaven team requires one of its members to strap on the mortar upon his back while a second Skaven would load the ammuntion inside the mortar itself. Additionally, with some hastily squealed directions, a team of Poisoned-Wind Mortar has the ability to fire their weapon on the go or fire indirectly at the enemy. Such a situation where hurting the enemy without risking their own lives has always been an appealing idea to any Skaven.

And as you can see, the Poisoned-Wind Mortar is here to help deliver that explosively optimistic flavor to the Skaven. They are hurried in their efforts to try and control the weapons they wield. And yet, they’re wielded to devastating effect against the onrushing hordes of the Dark Elves.

The Shadow and the Blade is out on the 12th, so stay tuned for more updates as the release arrives!

Best of luck-hope generals!


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