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Age of Sigmar: Slave To Darkness Faction Focus

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Dec 3 2019

Games Workshop is showcasing some of the cool new stuff in the Slaves To Darkness Faction Focus – Check out what these devotees of Chaos can do!

If you’re looking to serve Chaos Undivided or an particular chaos patron, you’re in luck because the Slaves To Darkness are going to support both those styles and a whole lot more. Today, Games Workshop has some previews of the rules for this update to an iconic Age of Sigmar army. It’s time to be the bad guy.

via Warhammer Community

The Mortal Realms will shake beneath the tread of the Slaves to Darkness once more! This weekend, the forces of Chaos are receiving an upgrade, with a new battletome for the Slaves to Darkness. But just what does this mean for your army? Allow us to show you…

Rules Updates & New Tricks

If your a veteran of the Slaves To Darkness army, you’re going to be glad to see a lot of these updates and if you’re a new recruit, you’re stepping in on a newer, more refined version of this army. One of the key things to know about the army is that Auras and Marks are your friends. For example, the new version of the Khorne Aura buffs your to hit, and if it’s your Warlord, it also buffs your to wound:

It’s a nice update to the old ability for sure! Now those Khorne-marked units are going to hit and possibly wound even better. Each chaos god plus the undivided will have these improved Auras to work with. If you want to sling spells, Tzeentch is the way to go. Your cavalry units could benefit from the Mark of Slaanesh. And if you want a block of battleline units that just won’t budge check out the Mark of Nurle. The best part is, you can mix ALL of them in your army!

The Chaos Path to Glory is still around to – you know this as the chart that used to be call the Eye of the Gods. It’s still around and it could lead to Spawndom if you’re cursed or Daemonhood if you’re also cursed (but in a different way). There are also other random abilities you could gain, too. This one is reserved for you slay a Hero or a Monster unit. What do the chaos god have in store for your forces? Roll the dice to find out…


The Damned Legions

The Slaves To Darkness book will have Four New Sub-Factions! Let’s meet the new crews:

The Ravagers are your more “classic” Chaos forces. Think chaos warbands with champions and the typical barbarian rabble. They’ve got some interesting new rules like Glory for the Taking which allows you to have up to 5 warlords (potentially) – one each battle round! Oh and they each get a command trait, too.

Rally The Tribes is another neat abilities that allows you to summon Chaos Marauders units or Cultists. And those units can pop-up on the edge of the battlefield:

The Cabalists are for your more magically inclined Slaves To Darkness Players. Their one of their special rules is Ritual of Corruption and it allows you to mess with Endless Spells:

Throw those pesky predatory spells back at their casters!


The Despoilers are for the players who want to have Daemon Princes and Monsters running around the battlefield causing problems. And if you’re worried that your big units will be shot to shreds, the have a way to transform terrain!

It’s the anti-gunline option of “peek-a-boo”

Finally, we have the Everchosen – the faction that is made up of Archaon’s hand picked forces. Remember the old Dark Prophecy ability to know when you were going to have the double turn, but you had to take the warscroll battalion? Well now you just get that without the warscroll:

“And that’s just a small sample – each of these hosts has even more battle traits, plus their own artefacts and command traits. Whichever Chaos army you’ve dreamed of collecting, there are rules for it in this book.”

Get ready for a lot of tweaks to the Slaves To Darkness. Army building is also going to be super flexible, too. This army is going to have a LOT of ways to put together an army. The Slaves To Darkness is one of those armies that allows players to pick a theme and then go to town. If you want to want have a horde of barbarians, you can start with the battleline and then add champions as needed. If you want a wall of armor-clad Chaos Warriors, start with them and pick the Heroes that you think would lead a wall of metal! If you want monsters and daemon princes, there is a build for that, too.

From Warcry warbands to the Varanguard, to Archaon himself, the Slaves To Darkness have the army roster to make other folks jealous. If you want to play a specific type of list, you’ll probably be able to find a build that works for you in this Book. Options: You have them.


Slaves To Darkness is going up for Pre-Order this weekend!


Author: Adam Harrison
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