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Age of Sigmar: The Endless Spells of Chaos Rules Review

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Dec 9 2019

The Slaves to Darkness are getting three new Endless Spells in their arsenal – let’s take a closer look at each one to figure out what to take!

Today we’re going to delve deeper into the new Endless Spells of the Slaves to Darkness. Each one is basically a slightly different riff on something we’ve already seen before – but that doesn’t make them any less deadly or useful. In fact, for Chaos, these Spells could be quite potent in the right lists. So let’s get started!

Darkfire Daemonrift

Clocking in with a casting value of 6, this one isn’t terribly difficult for most Wizards to cast. With 21″ threat range on the initial cast, you can really reach-out and touch some enemy units – and that’s all you need to do to cause mortal wounds with this model. However, this is one spell you might want to wait to cast until after you’ve got your other Endless Spells and/or Wizards in position.


The initial damage is D3 Mortal Wounds for each unit that it moved over or each unit it ends within 1″ of – however, Fueled by Sorcery adds 1 Mortal Wound for each Wizard and each other Endless Spell within 12″ of this model! If you keep your Wizard within 12″, that’s already D3+1, and that’s not counting anything else you can stack-up. If you tossed this at a Wizard-heavy list or even with another Endless Spell or two, it can bring some pain. For only 50 points, that’s not a bad investment to start.

Eightfold Doom-Sigil

Do you really want to rack-up some extra attacks for your Slaves to Darkness units? The Eightfold Doom-Sigil only requires a 5 to be cast and can really toss in some help where you want it. For every model that is slain within 12″ of this model, you roll a die. On a 3+, the “active player” must choose 1 Slaves to Darkness unit Wholly within 18″ of this model. That unit gains 1 attack for their melee weapons (excluding mounts) until that player’s next hero phase.

The downside is that a unit can only benefit from this once per turn. But the odds are in your favor that your Slaves to Darkness units are going to net +1 attack! A 3+ PER MODEL that is slain is crazy good odds. Maybe you toss some chaff into the grinder to activate this or maybe you just place it near combat and load-up on the bonus attacks. However you want to play it, this Spell has its uses. It clocks in at 40 points, too. Not a bad investment for the potential returns…

Realmscourge Rupture



Finally, we have the Realmscourge Rupture. This is the most expensive Endless Spell to include in your list for 60 points. However, it’s also kind of mean! It moves in a straight line, widthways, and cannot move backwards. For each unit that it has moved across, and each unit within 1″ suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. But the real kicker is that halves the movement of each of those units as well.

The Slaves to Darkness Army might have some fast elements, but it’s not exactly the speedist army out there. This Endless Spell can help you slow your opponent down and pin them in an advantageous position. Heck, you might even save yourself from taking a charge or two – if that’s what you want to do. This spell is also one of those Predatory spells that essentially moves in a straight line all game, too. So if you “aim” it correctly, you could really mess with your opponent or at least force them to deal with it.

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Author: Adam Harrison
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