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Best Metal/Resin Miniatures Of 2019 – The Nominees

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Dec 19

It’s time to delve into the much heated debate of the Best Metal/Resin Miniatures of 2019!

If you asked Conan, “What’s best in life?” He’d tell you about crushing your enemies, driving them before you, and hearing the lamentations of the women. Well, these Metal/Resins miniatures did just that to the rest of the field this year! Metaphorically, of course. This one is a pretty broad category but we wanted to nominate some miniatures that were really unique, technically impressive, and just flat out looked cool! And if your favorite miniature isn’t on the list, drop in in the comments and we’ll take a look at it and gawk with you. Here are the nominees in no particular order.

Goblin Winggit – Mantic

This model scored high in the unique and just plain cool categories. There is just something about those two goblins and how much “fun” they are having that we just fell in love with. This was a great addition from Mantic this year and just shows how far they have come in a relatively short time.

Helleniki – Starter Set – Arena Rex

It’s a trio of miniatures, so they have the numbers vs the rest the entries (is that cheating?) – but man these miniatures are cool. It’s another awesome set of minis from Arena Rex and we just love the details and technical challenges these miniatures provide. It’s a mix of skin, cloth, and metal on all three of these miniatures that really pushes painters to use different techniques. Their poses are dynamic and at the same time they are fairly realistic scale, too. These models are just cool to look at and we think they deserve to be here!

Zondnautica – Infinity


The Zondnautica is another trio of miniatures (they come as a set, so maybe it’s not cheating?) and they just look awesome. We love that the Zondmate is both a motorcycle and a loyal squadmate. Corvus Belli did a cool job of making it seem like the Zondmate could realistically be both things while the Spitfire model is also just plain cool. I’m personally also a little biased because I really like the Spitfires (go Nomads!) but Gentle Ben backed me up on this selection so we’re keeping it!




Now this is METAL! Not in a material way – it’s actually resin. But in a METAL kind of way. If vikings got ahold of a mammoth and turned it into a War-beast, I’m pretty sure we’d get something like this! METAL!!! This model is certainly one of the most technically challenging on the list with all those individual furs sculpted, as well as the skin, metal, chainlinks, wood, and even the tusks all providing a TON of different textures to work on. Plus, it’s large and in charge. And did we mention just how METAL this thing is?

Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels – Forge World

This model invokes a lot of call backs to classical art and puts a Horus Heresy spin on them. We were honestly pretty blown away that GW actually went that far back for this model – and they did those pieces justice. Sanguinius is totally angelic and totally grimdark. The armor, the wings, and even his flowing hair – it all comes together wonderfully in this model.

It’s absolutely another one of those technically challenging models, and the details are downright intimidating. But hey, that’s why it’s on this list!



There were a LOT of models that could have been on this list so be sure to drop in your favorites in the comments!

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