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D&D: How To Be A Better Player With Joe Manganiello

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Dec 4 2019

Joe Manganiello is many things, actor, clothier, and devoted servant of Tiamat–and today he’s here to share his expertise with his fellow players.

You don’t often see much in the way of player tips. There are scads of DM tips out there (believe me, I know, I’ve written some of ’em), but when it comes to advice for players it either tends to be about building your character mechanically, or on occasion, you might find an article or two about roleplaying or getting into character. Enter Joe Manganiello, one of the stars of Magic Mike XXL and fictional (as far as we know) werewolf.

In a pinch you can also use him to hand wash your permanent press clothes

Joe answers the question: can a person be bad at playing D&D, and then proceeds to offer some advice on how to git gud.

via D&D Beyond

Turns out the secret to being a good player is the same secret to being a good dungeon master. Think about where you are, be active and engaged with the game, think about the story you’re telling–all of which comes down to being prepared and being present. When he talks about his big moment on Critical Role, it all came down to him thinking enough about what his character wanted (to find a way to free Tiamat) to consider what Vecna was doing in the game. You’ve got to be present in the game and with your character, enough so that you know your character and can think about the different things your character can do outside of the game.


A few other pieces of advice include learning the rules. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes–help out your fellow players and everyone has a good time. And who knows, as you think about your character, you might find yourself surprised by what happens to the story you’re telling.

What are your favorite tips as a player? Do you prepare before you sit down to play in a D&D session? Let us know in the comments, and happy adventuring!

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