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D&D: Quackthulhu Rises

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Dec 23

Critical Role’s recent one-shot featured living legend Taryon Darrington and his brigade of adventurers facing down a deadly duck. Here are its stats.

Come gather ye ’round and hear of the adventures of Taryon Darrington and the Darrington Brigade. Well, so far it’s just the one, really, but the one-shot, which aired earlier this month on YouTube and was performed live right here in Austin, TX, is quite a bit of fun. If you’re hungering for some Critical Role silliness, it’s worth checking out.

In The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade the titular Darrington must assemble a new band of recruits for his brigade and lead them through adventures.

The Characters of the Brigade are just as…vibrant…as their leader:

  • The Owlbear – A caped crusader who fights evil while wearing an owlbear cowl
  • Farriwen Breeze – An air genasi monk with a series of mystical engravings
  • Hazel Copperpot – A one-dwarf band who is Tary’s biggest fan to the point that she’s read all his books and even has a pre-recorded audiobook sample of one
  • Damian Vadoma – An underworld enforcer who has come out to try something a little more heroic to see how it feels
  • Buddy – An ogre who needs glasses, and also carries around a howdah with a halfling:
  • Macaroni Samsonite – Buddy’s partner in crime, this halfling rides Buddy into battle

But perhaps most vibrant of all is the enemy that they face in the final confrontation. A hideous, eldritch abomination whose baleful countenance looks upon the world, and whose soul-wrenching quack fills the hearts of foes with dread. Gaze upon Quackthulhu…

…but don’t despair. Because you too can run a beast like this. Here’s Matt Mercer with the stats he used to create this boss battle:


And here’s the full statblock for you.


The perfect gift for a Dungeon Master.

Happy Adventuring!

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