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Games Workshop Introduces ‘James Workshop’ & The Warhammer Gift List

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Dec 2 2019

GW’s marketing and media team strikes again with this chipper holiday Gift List PSA starring a brand new character I’m sure we’ll see more of.

I don’t know who’s in charge of their media and marketing but Games Workshop is having fun for Christmas this year:

James Workshop, Pleased To Meet You

Leave it to Games Workshop to make something that is basically a reminder to fill out a Gift List and send to anyone buying you gifts into something tongue-in-cheek and humorous. James is the new “founder” of Games Workshop – but really he’s just the “abstract representation of a global miniatures company.” I mean, it’s a little spot-on, but that’s the point.


Again, this video is essentially a commercial for GW’s Gift Lists – which are the things you can fill out and give to “grandma” so she knows what to buy you this year instead of socks. Again. Seriously, it’s every year. I’m good on socks. I’m still ones you bought me every year for the past 10 years. I knew it was a crazy good deal at Costco Grandma, but geez – how many packages did you buy?!

 “That’s a lie. I donated them all because they were the wrong size. Plus I’m a grown-up and bought my own socks, thanks.”

Sure, sure, it’s the idea that counts or some garbage like that – but let’s be honest here, there is a part of you who would actually like something *useful* for your Warhammer Army this year, right? That’s the whole point of this video. The Gift List is the thing to fill out and pass around to friends and family. Or something.

But mostly I’m just hoping we get more funny videos from James Workshop now. Tis the seasons…for the Corporate Overlords to rake in that sweet, sweet, Christmas money. And here I thought Black Friday was getting too commercialized.

Yeah…I have a problem. I can’t paint fast enough!


Is that a CHAOS Christmas Sweater? Okay…that’s what I really want Grandma!

Author: Adam Harrison
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