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Geekery: ‘Rise of Skywalker’ First Reactions Are a Mixed Bag

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Dec 19 2019
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Critics have shared their thoughts after the premiere, and they’re about what you’d expect for such a polarizing trilogy. There are some strong reactions on either end of the spectrum.

The first showings for Rise of Skywalker start today. The whole trilogy has been an ordeal for the fan base, with folks that are in love with it and folks that have disowned it (and folks like me in the middle who just want to see how it finally plays out). One thing I think is for sure: we all need a break from the big screen epics and more small-screen adventures like The Mandalorian.

There will be a spoiler-filled post for folks to share their opinions on Monday – till then, keep it spoiler-free or keep it to yourself. 


Author: Mars Garrett
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